Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who am I, if not your mother?

We've all been there...

Everything is going fine. You've managed to bundle your toddler into his fifteen layers of winter clothing, strapped him into the car seat without pinching his fingers, made it through half of your shopping list by bribing him with goldfish crackers, and managed to keep both shoes on his feet.

But somewhere around the middle of the store, the goldfish crackers run out, the shoe falls off, and your overheated toddler begins to beg for freedom. As the pitch of his scream escalates, you realize people are staring -- whispering. Rather than risk being reported for child abuse or having to explain how your son managed to shatter all the glass display cabinets with only his voice, you release him from the carriage and let him walk beside you. Then you see the shoes...

Ah, yes. Those beautiful shoes. They're on sale. They have your size. What harm could it do to try them on? You slip the strappy sandals over your grey tube socks with holes in the toes, and take a few tentative steps. You turn to show your child, and.... he's gone.

For the next several moments, before you find him lurking in the racks merrily trying bras and panties on his head, you experience an out-of-body moment in which all time stands still, terror becomes you, and the world fades to grey.

This was the moment that gave birth to my debut novel, Strawberries in Winter. My child was lost, and in that brief eternity, a voice inside my head wondered, "If I lost you, who would I be?"

Strawberries in Winter explores the complexity of motherhood in modern times. It raises questions about the power of forgiveness, the depth of maternal love, and the need for identity.

Kyra Adams is fading into the footnotes of other people's lives, and only one man can set her free. But his secrets may ultimately destroy all that she loves. Will she have the courage to face the truth? Or are some secrets better left untold?

Uncover the mysteries of Strawberries in Winter...

See the video. Read the book. And let me know what you think!
(Paperback available in November 2008)
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