Thursday, April 30, 2009

closet contest: Jennifer Rudsit of Shrewsbury

Meet A Stand-Out Mom who Entered our Contest Facelift Contest:

Jennifer Rudsit of Shrewsbury

"When I read your story about good wardrobe bones, I thought to myself....mine definitely have osteoporosis! My name is Jen Rudsit and I am a single mom to an adorable 4 1/2-year-old little girl, Lauren. I am proud to say that I bought my first house in Shrewsbury , MA a year and a half ago and have been pretty poor since then! I am a high school creative writing teacher at Algonquin Regional High School .

My wardrobe, while extensive, is full of mix and match separates, usually bought on sale. I find that these days I am shopping more at Home Depot than Macy’s! I have a lot of clothes, a mix of classic pieces and trendy, and an EXTENSIVE flip flop collection, which does me very little good in the frigid tundra of Shrewsbury in January. However, I find that every morning is a struggle in deciding what to wear. I feel like I have purchased SO MANY mix and match pieces that absolutely nothing goes together any longer. My job doesn’t require formal business attire, but I’d like to look more 'put together' than I do, and not like the weekend soccer mom that I have become now that my daughter is beginning to find her own niche (she loves soccer!). I definitely want my weekend attire to stay weekend, and look a little more polished during the work week."

Closet Contest

The winner of the baystateparent Closet Facelift from Alisa Neely at Scout, valued at $375, is Erika McDonald of Maynard.

Congratulations Erika!!! Meet Erika here as well as some of the fabulous moms who wrote to us.

Erika is mom to 19-month-old Anna and the assistant director of admissions for Harvard Kennedy School, the graduate school for public policy at Harvard University.

She writes:

"I was lucky enough to take a 10 month leave of absence from my job. Needless to say, when I went back to work in September of 2008, my non-maternity wardrobe was tired-looking. In fact, I hadn't worn non-maternity professional clothes in almost two years!

Every morning I lose a battle with my closet because my work wardrobe is either bordering on out of style, or doesn't fit quite right. I have to rotate two suits, while trying to mix in some other pieces to try to create 'dressier' outfits. It's the sad truth that your body never does return to the exact shape it was before baby. Items are either baggy where they shouldn't be, tight around the waist or too short. I have bought a few items, but money is tight since I'm back to work part-time.

I would love to rediscover some key, timeless pieces in my own closet that can be re-purposed, and learn how to select sweaters, shirts or pants that match the existing wardrobe I own."

baystateparent hopes to share Erika's closet facelift with you in a future issue.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Trish Go!

Did anyone go to the Boston Marathon on Monday?
I saw Trish Reske, baystateparent freelancer and coach, at Mile 15...looking good...looking strong. In fact, Trish qualified for next year's marathon by running in under 4 hours for her age group. That's the real deal.
Now that Trish has run her 26.1, she's going to help us run 3.1 on June 20th in Hopkinton for the Sharon Timlin 5K.
If you want to join the baystateparent team (or need more info, search "Sharon Timlin 5K" in our
blog), e-mail to sign up by April 30th.
Trish is going to coach us via e-mail and facebook (if you are on
Hey everybody, I took a walk today! It wasn't easy. I had a million things to do so that I could get to work: It's press week! But...I took that walk, and it felt great.
Thank you Boston Marathon!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Leominster Pet Talent on Sat., April 18

I found this on Craig's List. Call before you attend to verify. Looks fun!
Carrie Wattu, editor

Family Event! Petco Talent Show Sat. 4/18 1:30-3:00 (Petco, Leominster)

Pet lovers of ALL ages are invited to join us this weekend for a NEW Petco event--the Petco Talent Show!

Event categories include:

1:30 Pet Poetry!
**********Kids under 16, write us a poem about your pet and come read it for all to hear!

2:00 Pet photography (any age) and Pet Art (kids under 13)!
**********Come in with your favorite photo or hand-made drawing of your pet and we'll vote on a crowd favorite! Photos and drawings will be left on display in the store all week for extended customer voting, and a 2nd round of prizes will be awarded next week!

2:15 Pet Talent!
**********Come show us what makes YOUR pet unique with tricks or hidden talents!

Prizes and awards will be given out in every category. Bring your family, your friends, and your *pets* to the Leominster Petco store this Saturday, April 18th from 1:30-3:00 to join in (or just to watch!) this amazing event!

Contact the Leominster Petco store at 978-840-5810 for more details.

(This event is only being held at the Leominster Petco--it is not a national event)

Fun for Families of Children with Autisum on May 9

Our reader, Debra Roberts, sent us this heads-up:

Hello, I don't know if you are aware of the NECC Walk for Autism on May 9th and if you are interested. I know parents of children with autism are always looking for ways to entertain their children and your publication would be perfect. See link below. We will be there. Our team name is Roberts Boys.

Thanks Debra! Good luck at the walk and with your boys!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet our Calendar Editor: Leslie Castillo!

Age: 43

Married to: Cesar (isn't that a great name for the spouse of a Latin teacher?)

Kids: Daniel (12), Thomas (10)

Occupation: Latin Teacher, Calendar Editor, Writer

1. I am the queen of summer. Ice, cold, snow are definite kryptonite to me.

2. Best part of the day: When the bus arrives and I get to talk to Daniel and Thomas about their day.

3. What you'll never buy again. A minivan. I've been together with mine for too long now.

4. Favorite household chore: All of them! Just kidding. I love to cook and especially to bake, so I don't consider them chores.

5. A favorite birthday tradition: Every year growing up my mom had what I called a "string" present for me. She wrapped a box and all the presents inside were also wrapped and attached to a string. It was the greatest thing ever, knowing you could pull the string and not knowing what present would be next!

6. What's the easiest thing about juggling work and family? Is there one? I must have missed that memo. No seriously, I am so very fortunate that I have my parents and that Cesar is such a big help. Also, I have the same schedule as my kids so I have never had to rely on daycare.

7. List three words your kids would use to describe you: silly, there for us, loving.

8. I always tell my kids every day with you is a gift.

9. What's the hardest part of juggling work and family? Trying to fit enough sleep into the equation.

10. A mom that I admire is my mom, of course. My mom Carol is amazing! She has the biggest heart in the world, never slows down, and is elegant, beautiful and kind.

11. Why raising a family in MA is great: In addition to having so much history, excellent colleges and universities, and a change of seasons, we are also geographically close to other states like CT, VT, NH, ME, NY, and RI. This makes the option of exploring other places via car very do-able. As my brother-in-law is quick to remind me, it takes close to 12 hours to get from one end of Florida to the other.

12. Our two favorite places to go are the Museum of Science and Rockport. The kids have been going into Boston with Cesar on a regular basis since they were very young. I'm certain they could get around better in Boston than I could. Rockport is always a fun day trip since we go to the beach and explore our favorite shops.

13. A message for other moms: You're doing a great job.

14. Current family obsessions: Nightly nerf gun wars. It's the kids vs. us and we NEVER win. Also, swimming remains a constant.

15. I love May because the winter is OVER!

16. Best thing about the town you are raising your children. I think Wayland is beautiful It's close enough to everything but it is so scenic with many parks, trails, and rivers. Also, the Wayland teachers are wonderful - my sons have been very fortunate.

17. I want to celebrate mother's day by spending time with my parents, C, and the boys. Doesn't much matter what we do.

18. There's no such thing as slowing down.

19. What makes me a better mom is my kids' smile. May sound goofy but seeing them happy makes me realize that time together is truly the best gift. The laundry may never be caught up, my closet may always look like the abyss, but every day I learn so much by hanging out with my guys.

20. How do you celebrate your kids' birthdays: We are prone to pool parties or Lazer Zone although this year we visited the NY Comic-con as a family when Daniel turned 12.

21. I never thought that as a parent that my kids would be as tall as me when they turned 10 and 12!

Selfless and Diligent Work of Foster Parents

Our friends at Devereux Therapeutic Foster Care asked us to share their thank you with you.

May is National Foster Care Month. This month we celebrate the dedication and hard work of the countless foster parents who have dedicated their lives to improving children’s lives.

At any given moment, hundreds of children across Massachusetts are in need of a loving foster home. They are in need of a home that will allow them to cope with what they have been through, while at the same time allow them to live out the wonder of childhood. Everyone deserves a place to feel safe and secure, especially a child.

Devereux Therapeutic Foster Care is a not-for profit agency that works with the Department of Children and Families to help children in need reach their full potential.

Devereux embraces foster parents from all walks of life. Our foster parents are single, married, and may or may not have children. They are diverse in culture, ethnicity and life experience. Most importantly though, Devereux foster parents are special people who possess an ability to reach out to children and show them that there is hope.

The selfless and diligent work of Devereux Foster Parents has made a positive impact on countless children throughout the state. Their ongoing work with children truly remains an inspiration to us all.

Devereux would like to applaud all of our foster parents and their families for their commitment, support and for the life changing work they do every day! Thank you to:
Michele A., Lisa A., Shirley B., Denise B., Michele B., Tina B., Jim B., Diedra C., Debbie C., Donna D., Antoinette D., Izabella F., Karen F., Sharon G., Carol G., Tammy H., Tina H., Marie L., Kathy L., Tina M., Barbie M., Kathleen M., Xuyen N., Karen N., Maryanne N., Janet N., Kelly O., Lida S., Marisol O., Rose O., Dante O., Melissa P., Yvonne Q., Carolyn R., Chris R., Maria R., Jackie R.., Bonnie S., Hilda S., Karyl S., Deb S., Linda S., Charles W., Nick W., Kelly W., Faith W., Cindy W. and Rachael W.

We greatly appreciate all that you do.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, or if you would like to join our team of foster parents, call us at (508) 829-6769 ext 219. You can also visit our website at, or stop by our open house every third Wednesday of the month.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Admission in May in the Berkshires!

baystateparent received the following release from the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield. If you take a drive there, have fun!

Berkshire Museum Announces Free Admission for Month of May

Pittsfield, Mass.: May is a month that’s particularly abundant with special days, including May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, International Museum Day, and Memorial Day. At Berkshire Museum there’s even more reason to celebrate in May because it’s offering free admission for the entire month. The recently renovated Museum, which turned 106 years old on April 1, has chosen May as the ideal month to offer Berkshire County residents and tourists alike the unique opportunity to experience the region’s most family-friendly museum at no charge.

According to Executive Director Stuart A. Chase, “We view this as one way of giving something back to our wonderful and supportive community. It’s our version of an economic—and cultural—stimulus program. We hope to encourage visitors, especially those who’ve never been here, or who last visited the Museum as children, to come and check us out."

Chase will host special behind-the-scenes tours of the Berkshire Museum’s collection each Tuesday morning in May at 10 a.m. The tours are one hour long and are limited to six guests, ages 10 and older, per tour. The director’s tours will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis on May 5, 12, 19, and 26. For a brief video preview of the tour, visit and click on “The Secret Storage Area at the Berkshire Museum.”

Those who haven't visited the museum in some time will notice many changes since renovations were completed in March 2008. There are new gallery spaces, such as the interactive and high-tech Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation, which highlights the entrepreneurial and inventive spirit of the Berkshires. Visitors will also notice other recently renovated spaces and the state-of-the-art climate control.

Nostalgia-seeking visitors will also be pleased as many of the museum's classic exhibits, such as the mummy Pahat, Arctic explorer Matthew Henson’s amazing fur suit, and the ever-popular aquarium and touch tank are not only still here, but are actually doing better than ever with many updates and new technological

advances, especially for our mummy whose story has been further revealed (It's tempting to say unwrapped!)

Those experiencing Berkshire Museum for the first time will find a rich and storied facility where children can dig for dinosaur bones, adults can reflect in the art galleries and examine the layers of world history in the Ancient Civilization gallery. The entire family can also visit marine life and reptiles from around the world lurking in the museum's aquarium.

“They’ll have the chance to see our many new exhibitions and gallery spaces," said Chase. "I think people will be quite pleasantly surprised to see all that’s here in downtown Pittsfield."

Museum visitors will enjoy Race to the Top: Arctic Inspiration 1909 & Today, which has received highly positive reviews in the media and has been particularly popular with families and student groups. It explores the momentous attainment of the North Pole on April 6, 1909 by legendary Polar explorers Peary and Henson. Race to the Top will be on view through May 17, as will That ’70s Show which features a selection of artworks from the Museum’s collection that were created in the 1970s, many by noted artists with connections to Berkshire County. Opening on May 23 and running through May 31 will be an exhibition of vintage timepieces from the Museum’s collection called Vintage Time.

On May 22, Berkshire Museum’s Little Cinema will open its 59th season with the acclaimed film Frozen River (2008), written and directed by local writer/director Courtney Hunt. Little Cinema screens first-run foreign and independent films with nightly screenings at 8 p.m., plus Monday matinees at 2 p.m. The 8 p.m. screening of Frozen River on Memorial Day, May 25, will be free to the general public.

Little Cinema will be closed on May 30 for the Museum’s wine auction, and will reopen on May 31.

When the galleries exhibiting Race to the Top close on May 17, installation begins for the Museum’s next new show called Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, a blockbuster traveling exhibition organized by Peeling Productions at Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland in Allenwood, Pennsylvania. This family-favorite will be on view at Berkshire Museum from June 13 through November 1.

“Frogs: A Chorus of Colors will showcase a large and varied assortment of living frogs from all over the world. Berkshire Museum will be transformed with peaceful waterfalls and the sonorous sounds of frogs. Children and adults alike will be immersed in the sights and sounds of some of the most colorful and fascinating creatures on the planet,” Chase added.

May is membership month at Berkshire Museum. Special membership offers for new and renewing family members include a complimentary Webkinz frog. Museum members who upgrade their annual memberships to the $100 and higher levels will receive an extra three months of membership—extending benefits through the summer of 2010, when the Museum premieres a new exhibition about mummies called Wrapped!

May’s free admission does not include special programs, performances or films screened in the Little Cinema.

Berkshire Museum will be closed on Memorial Day.

Berkshire Museum is located at 39 South Street on Route 7 in downtown Pittsfield Berkshire Museum is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays, noon to 5 p.m. Other than the month of free admission in May 2009, admission is $10 adults, $5 children 3-18. Members and children under 3 are admitted free. For more information, contact the Berkshire Museum at 413.443.7171, ext. 10, or frontdesk@

April 25: Youth Fishing Day

Central Massachusetts Convention
& Visitors Bureau
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3rd Annual Blackstone Valley Youth Fishing Derby April 25th


Jeff LeClaire
Jeannie Hebert
508 234 9090 X106
Release Date: April 1, 2009

The Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce announces the 3rd Annual Blackstone Valley Youth Fishing Derby, Saturday, April 25, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m at the West Hill Park recreation area, Northbridge. A much anticipated family favorite event in the Valley, trophies and prizes, including 2 pairs of Red Sox tickets, will be awarded for many categories: the top six largest, first caught, smallest and tagged trout. Over 250 Trout will be stocked by the Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife. Donation fee of $15.00 per youth (with family cap at $45.00) for ages 3-14 registering by April 12th includes a bag of tackle, an official derby T-shirt, live bait and a ticket to the cookout at noon. Limited to 250 youths who register, pre-registering is recommended!

The Youth Fishing Tournament kicks off the 5 month Blackstone Valley Trout Fishing Derby on West River from Upton to Uxbridge, 60 specially tagged trout will be available to be caught up until October 15th, each tag representing an additional prize donated by event sponsors. Visit to follow the progress throughout the summer.

"The Blackstone Valley Fishing Derby is an opportunity for families to get outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty that is the Blackstone Valley and create memories that will last a lifetime." says BVCC President Jeannie Hebert. "It's good Old Fashioned fun! The Chamber is proud to be a part of this classic event."

Jeff LeClaire of Fin & Feather Sports in Upton will once again organize the Derby, along with the support of the BV Chamber of Commerce and other local businesses. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. "Over 200 children annually, whether beginners or more skilled in fishing, enjoy a great day of trout fishing on the river." LeClaire said. "It's also a great time for parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors to come together to fish and realize how lucky we are to live in the Blackstone Valley with stocked trout ponds and rivers and the great outdoors."

For more information, contact the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce at 508-234-9090 or Jeff LeClaire at Fin & Feather Sports - 508-529-3901. Visit to volunteer, become a sponsor or to register for the event.

Mother's Day Weekend 2009: 11 Things to Do

Hi Moms,
In addition to our listings in the May print (and online issue) of baystateparent, we've found some more ways to make the most of Mother's Day weekend(read these unedited releases sent to us for more information). Have a good one, ladies, whatever you do.

Free Zoo Admission on May 10

Time of event: 10am-6pm
Franklin Park Zoo
1 Franklin Park Road
Boston, MA 02121

Stone Zoo
149 Pond Street
Stoneham, MA 02180

Is there a better way to spend quality time with Mom? Bring the entire family to either Franklin Park or Stone Zoo for an enjoyable day. Mothers receive free admission on Mother's Day!

$12 Adults
$10 Seniors
$7 Children

Phone number of event: 617-989-2005

E-mail address of event:

Web site for event:

Family Play Day On the Mothers' Walk

Date: Saturday, May 9th, 2009
Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Location: in the Wharf District Parks on the Greenway

Kids, bring your moms...moms, bring your kids to a day of FREE family festivities on the Greenway.

Meet in the Wharf District Parks on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway at 10 AM for a recognition of caregivers and the unveiling of the Mothers' Walk wall.

The dedication will be followed by music and dance performances, jugglers and stilt walkers, a tour of Rose Kennedy's neighborhood, a family craft project, and a sneak peak of the soon-to-be-released Rose's Garden children's book.

Visit for a full schedule.

Bring a picnic lunch or dine at one of the local restaurants along the Greenway offering special menus for the day.

After the event on the Greenway, the celebration continues at the Volvo Ocean Race Village at Fan Pier with live entertainment and an oyster festival. And while you are across the channel, visit over 70 Fort Point Artists opening their studios as part of Art Walk the Fort Point Arts Community's Spring Open Studios Event.

Family Play Day is rain or shine; all festivities will be held under a tent. There will be limited seating available for the 10 a.m. Mothers' Walk wall unveiling on a first-come, first-served basis. The Greenway is fully accessible. For directions, information about parking, or the schedule for the day, visit our website

Raising Funds For REAS
Local business to sponsor car wash

Sturbridge, MA - On Saturday, May 9 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., The McCurdy Group is hosting a “win-win” community event. “We invite people to come by our office parking lot and, for a reasonable donation that will benefit the REAS Foundation, people can get their car washed, talk with a Sturbridge police officer about car seat safety and with a Sturbridge firefighter about fire safety for the home. A fire truck will be on hand, too, for the kids to enjoy.” The McCurdy Group parking lot is located at 511 Main St. Sturbridge (Fiskdale).
McCurdy, a local businessman and the owner of the Dennis McCurdy Insurance Agency and The McCurdy Group, believes the business community must be proactive in helping those in need. The Residential Energy Assistance for Seniors (REAS) Foundation, the beneficiaries of the event, has “reached beyond it initial focus of providing financial fuel assistance to seniors,” added McCurdy. In January of this year the foundation, in partnership with Southbridge Savings Bank, Hometown Bank, and the Publick House, established a fund for Sisley family whose home was destroyed by fire.
“The Foundation also inspired 10-year old J.T. Mills to 'pay it forward' by asking that friends and family who attended his birthday celebration make a donation to REAS instead. I believe he gifted over $250.00,” said McCurdy.
On Saturday, May 9, McCurdy and his staff is hoping to “wash cars non-stop” and raise a lot of money for REAS.
Editor: Contact Dennis A. McCurdy directly at 508-347-0810.

Celebrate your mom
(remember Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th) and spend the morning with her at Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, 414 Massasoit Avenue, on Saturday, May 9th from 10 a.m. - 12 noon. Begin with a gentle family hike to view the wildflowers in bloom. After the hike, moms will be invited to sit and relax on the deck while dad (or another adult) and the kids will make some special gifts just for mom. Appropriate for all ages. Wear shoes for walking. For more information and to register call 508 753-6087.

Singing in Spring

Music Worcester is pleased to present the Worcester Chorus in their spring concert - Sergei Rachmaninoff's Vespers, performed in the magnificent St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 102 Russell Street, on Saturday, May 9th from 8 - 10 p.m. Featuring the 100-voice Worcester Chorus with tenor soloist Thomas Cooley, this concert will be the farewell performance for Music Director Andrew Clark with the chorus. Tickets $25, $18 for students and are available online, by calling 508 754- 3231 or at the door.

Mother's Day at Belkin Family Lookout Farm in South Natick
89 Pleasant Street,
South Natick MA 01760

Lookout Farm will be open every Saturday and Sunday starting May 9 from 10:00 - 5:00. Celebrate spring - visit us this weekend for Mother's Day and Bloomfest.

Happy Mother's Day - pay for the first admission and Mom will get in FREE. PLUS, all Moms will be given a FREE spring plant.

Join us this Saturday and Sunday for train rides through our flowering orchards, farm-themed Children's Play Area, caterpillar rides, hay pyramid, moon bounce and burlap maze.

Enjoy live children's entertainment shows at 12:00 and 2:00, face painting and our new Busy Bee Learning Center.

Celebrate Bloomfest at the Farm - our most beautiful time of year! Lookout Farm's apple and peach trees are alive with colorful pink and white spring blossoms. Bring your camera and spend the day surrounded by New England's natural beauty.

Enter our Lookout Farm photo contest. Submit your favorite shots of our beautiful farm and you could win a $200 gift certificate to a snazzy restaurant. Details are available at the Admission window.

Our new Greenhouse and Garden Center is open daily from 10:00 - 5:00 offering beautiful flowering plants, annuals, herbs and house plants. Start a vegetable garden this year! Both organic and conventional vegetable starter kits are available.

Come spend the day with us and you'll see just why Belkin Family Lookout Farm is #1 in Outdoor Family Fun!

"Come visit Apple Blossom Country and celebrate Mother's Day!"

This spring, it's time to visit Johnny Appleseed Country, our beautiful area of north central Massachusetts. Come see hillsides dotted with explosions of white. Drive the back roads and see where the apples come from in the area given its name by apple cultivator and peripatetic folk hero Johnny Appleseed.

Come see Sholan Farms in Leominster (birthplace of Johnny Appleseed), Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, or Carlson's Orchards in Harvard.

Peak blooming time is predicted to be around May 9 to 15 - but remember Mother Nature is never predictable. A rainstorm one day, a cool snap for a few days, and voila, the schedule changes!

While you're at it, check out the small-town apple festivals that dot the region - the Apple Blossom Festival at Sholan Farms (, on Pleasant Street in Leominster is on May 9th and celebrates the coming of spring with crafters, a marching band, rock, jazz band and bagpipe procession, and butterfly release. Or visit the Apple Blossom Festival also on May 9th ( at Harvard Common, in Harvard, where fine arts and crafts, antiques, entertainment and more attract the crowds.

Mother's Day events include the whole weekend at Davis' Farmland (978-422-MOOO), in Sterling, where kids bring Mom for free Saturday and Sunday, May 9 and 10. Make Mom a necklace or watch her relax with a complimentary chair massage.

Spring, apple blossoms, Mother's Day - a perfect combination!

866-755-7439 or

Treat Mom to a Free Lunch at Canobie Lake Park on Mother's Day

SALEM, NH - All mothers who are accompanied by a paid child admission purchased at the Park on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10th, will receive free admission to Canobie. Lunch for Mom is also free and will be served from noon to 3:00 P.M.

Special spring pricing is still in effect as well, and Canobie Lake Park is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. The Park will be open daily beginning May 22nd. For more information and Park hours, visit or call 603-893-3506.

# # #

With over 85 rides, games, shows and attractions, Canobie Lake Park is New England's premier destination for affordable family fun. Canobie Lake Park is located at exit 2 or 3 off Route 93 in Salem, New Hampshire. For more information, visit

My Mother—My Hero
A Memorable Mother’s Day Thanks to
Plimoth Plantation and Verona Salon

Plymouth, MA, Plimoth Plantation – May 1, 2009, - Cook up something deliciously fun for mom this Mother’s Day by treating her to a special celebration, as Plimoth Plantation presents the third annual Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday, May 10th, at 11:00 am. In addition to a tasty meal, and a unique kid-friendly craft program that moms will treasure, Mother’s Day at Plimoth Plantation includes Verona Salon’s big reveal of the “My Mother—My Hero Make-over Contest” winner!

“The Wampanoag Nation is a matriarchal society that values the many contributions women make to the life of their families and the community. And one of the reasons Plimoth Colony survived is that there were women here right from the start–mothers, wives and daring adventurers in their own right–who braved the ocean voyage and cared for their husbands and children,” said Ellie Donovan, Plimoth Plantation’s Acting Executive Director.

Last month Verona Salon called on local residents to describe why their mother was so special, by nominating them for the “My Mother—My Hero Make-over Contest.” Similar to a make-over television program, one lucky mom will “win” a well-deserved day of luxury: massage, facial, hair, manicure, pedicure and make up, courtesy of Verona Salon. In turn, her inner and outer beauty will be revealed to the world during Plimoth Plantation’s Mother’s Day Brunch, promptly at 11 am!

In addition to all the fun, tickets to Plimoth Plantation’s third annual Mother’s Day Brunch includes: museum admission; a self-guided tour of the world-renowned, 17th century, living history museum, and a delightful opportunity for children to create a memorable, hand-made gift for mom and grandma, too!

Space is limited so make reservations today and insure your front row seat at the big reveal! To make a reservation for Mother’s Day Brunch or for more information please call 508-746-1622, ext. 8365. Ticket prices are Adult: $35, Child: $21, Member: $17.95, Member Child: $9.95, by Thursday, May 7.


Plimoth Plantation is a 17th-century living history museum located an hour south of Boston in Plymouth, (Exit 4, Route 3 south) and 20 minutes north of Cape Cod. The museum is a private, non-profit educational institution supported by admission fees, contributions, memberships, function sales and revenue from our dining programs/services and museum shops. Plimoth Plantation is a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate and receives support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, The Federal Institute of Museums and Library Services, The National Endowment for the Humanities, private foundations, corporations, and local businesses. For more information visit:


Claytime Staff
phone: 508-798-9950

Celebrate the arrival of spring with the 14th annual Draft Horse Plow Day. This year’s event will take place on Saturday, May 9 from 11am to 4pm at the historic Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm on Little’s Lane in Newbury, MA.

*Special notice - Our friend and farmer of 65 years, Dick Walsh, will be honored at the Plow Day with commendations from Senator Kennedy, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Trustees of Historic New England. Dick began his tenure at the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in 1944, growing spinach for the war effort, and has been a fixture at the farm for 65 years. His photograph is attached.

Teams of draft horses and mules from throughout New England will participate in plowing demonstrations. Welcome the new resident pigs, Dave and Romeo and plant springtime seeds. Watch the shearing of the six resident sheep and learn how their wool is made into cloth. Enjoy horse-drawn wagon rides, baby farm animals, sheep shearing, spinning, weaving, and masonry demonstrations, children’s crafts and games. Listen (and dance) to New England fiddle music performed by E. J. Ouelette or watch a puppet show by the incomparable Martha Dana. The seventeenth century manor house will be open from 12-4 and is full of activities for families. A fresh lunch menu and cold drinks will be available. Admission is $6 for adults, $4 for children and free to Historic New England Members. For more information please call 978-462-2634.

The Plow Match continues a long tradition of work horses on the farm used to prepare the soil for spring planting. In the 1880s, brothers Edward Francis Little and Daniel Noyes Little imported draft horses by rail from Iowa to Newburyport. Trained at the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm, the horses were sold to other farms and coast guard stations.

About Historic New England

Historic New England is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive regional heritage organization in the nation. We bring history to life while preserving the past for everyone interested in exploring the authentic New England experience from the seventeenth century to today. Historic New England owns and operates thirty-six historic homes and landscapes spanning five states. The organization shares the region's history through vast collections, publications, public programs, museum properties, archives, and family stories that document more than 400 years of life in New England. For more information visit

Bethany Groff
North Shore Regional Site Manager
Historic New England
5 Little's Lane
Newbury, MA 01951

May 31 Houses in Worcester

Might make a nice Mother's Day present....

Worcester’s Best: a Collection of Inviting Houses

Preservation Worcester

Worcester, MA - In celebration of Preservation Worcester's fortieth anniversary, we will be hosting Worcester's Best: a Collection of Inviting Houses. Worcester's Best is a house tour featuring approximately nine of the most attractive homes it the city. It will be held on Sunday, May 31, between 11 AM and 4PM.

Our annual house tour is an important rite of spring for those who love architecture and design. This year's tour will be larger and more elegant than ever. We will feature a retrospective of the most popular homes that have graced our house tours over the past decades as well as a selection of inviting homes that have not yet been featured. Among tour properties is a mansion built in 1772 for one of Worcester's most prominent founding fathers. There will also a captivating contemporary ranch with art deco furnishings and furniture from the 1950s. Any celebratory Worcester tour would be remiss without a 3-decker. We will feature a charming 3-decker remodeled by a young couple for contemporary living. The tour provides a unique opportunity to browse through finely decorated homes of various styles of architecture in some of Worcester's most historic and prestigious neighborhoods.

Our tour will kick-off with a cocktail party - "Then and Now" - the night before that tour in two mansions in one of Worcester's historic districts. Food from the late 1960's will be featured in one house and current fare in the other. Reservations can also be made for lunch at the Worcester Club. Seating is limited and those attending the lunch will be able to tour that handsome and historic building. Lunch and cocktail party reservations must be made in advance.

$25 - advance sales
$30 - day of tour
(members receive a $5 discount)
Cocktail party - $40

Preservation Worcester's house tours attracts approximately 500 people. Tickets may be reserved in advance or purchased on the day of the event. For more information concerning tickets, please call 508-754-8760 or visit our website at

Preservation Worcester is a private, not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the preservation of the buildings and sites that represent the culture, history and architecture of Worcester. The organization, comprised of concerned citizens, believes that promoting the cause of preservation and good urban design will encourage community pride in our cultural and architectural heritage as well as continued use of Worcester's valuable resources. Preservation Worcester works with neighborhood groups, developers, city departments, schools, and state and local historical commissions to support revitalization of unique and irreplaceable buildings and their neighborhoods.

Meditation and Mindfulness for Mothers

We received this from the Holistic Moms Group. Sounds very helpful.
Carrie Wattu, editor

Tuesday May 12, 2009
6:30-8:30 pm

North Andover Library Community Room, 345 Main St. North Andover

Meditation and Mindfulness for Mothers
Led by Elizabeth Guilbeault of Seven Levels Coaching -
Meditating does not have to mean disconnecting to the entire world and every thought in your head for hours at a time in order to find tranquility. You can find serenity and peace anywhere, anytime and meditate without effort anytime, anywhere. Come learn simple tools and techniques to re-connect with yourself through meditation. Meditation does not have to be hard or take hours - joins us as we explore meditation and how fun and easy it can be to re-connect with yourself, the earth, and your truth!

This is a free event. The Holistic Moms Network ( is a non-profit support and discussion network for parents with an interest in natural/holistic and alternative health and parenting. Our goal is to develop a thriving local community of holistic parents with a wide range of interests: non-toxic living, holistic healing, whole foods, natural childbirth, positive discipline, cloth diapering, living green, stress reduction, creating balance, organics.
For more information contact:

E-mail address of event:

Web site for event:

April 25 Grafton Spaghetti Supper and Concert

Read about the McCullough family of Sutton's cross-country eco-video project in the April 2009 issue of Bay State Parent. The family is holding a spaghetti supper and acoustic concert in Grafton.

Here's the scoop:

April 25, 2009

5:00pm-7:00pm dinner, 7:00pm concert

: Unitarian Universalist Church on Grafton Common
3 Grafton Common
Grafton, Massachusetts

: Spaghetti Supper and Acoustic Concert fundraiser for Our Renewable Nation, local family's cross-country eco-video series for kids. Come enjoy great food and music and support a great cause! The acoustic concert will feature singer-songwriters Katrin and Greg Hare.

Suggested donation $10 for the dinner, or $10 for the concert, or $15 for both

Phone number of event: (508) 865-2890

E-mail address of event:

Web site for event:

April 18: Help Bob Bowes and His Family

To learn more about a local dad's extraodinary story, visit

Bob Bowes' fundraiser is this Saturday, April 18th.

baystateparent freelance writer, Amy Benoit of Rutland, tell us that she has heard that it's very well-planned. Among the prizes to be (silently) auctioned off are trips, gas grills and numerous baskets...totaling something like 129 tables of prizes.

The fundraiser will be at the Auburn Elks at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $20 each. Balloons are $10 (but we hear they have a minimum prize inside of $25). There will also be a 50/50 raffle.

Items will be auctioned off items every 20 minutes...

More importantly, you will share in the inspirational story of Bob Bowes.

Dress for Success Worcester to Open

Dress For Success-Worcester

New Boutique Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

Thursday, May 7, 2009 12:30—1:30pm

484 Main Street, Suite 110—Denholm Building

Worcester, MA 01608

Open House to the Public 4:30—6:30p.m.

April 21: Kids Cooking Class in Concord

April 21, 2009

Time of event: 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Location and address of the event: Verrill Farm
11 Wheeler Road
Concord, MA

Brief Description of Event: Verrill Farm Chef Kevin Carey teaches a hands on class. Kids will prepare several dishes, eating some of their creations during class and taking the rest home.

Cost of Event: $20 per student. Registration & pre-payment required.

Phone number of event: 978.369.4494

E-mail address of event:

Web site for event:

Opening Day 2009 at Davis Farmland!

Our friends at Davis Farmland sent us this information regarding their Opening Day 2009 this Thursday!

Thursday, April 16th

Davis' Farmland
145 Redstone Hill Dr.
Sterling, MA 01564
9 a.m.

Opening day on the farm!! Come spend family time with the kids petting, feeding and learning about endangered famr animals. We have reptiles, llamas, donkeys, horses, and MUCH more! Ride a pony and take a hay ride to the back pastures! There is ALWAYS something new to learn and discover! 1/2 price after 2pm. Also check your local libraries for discount cards!

Members: Free; Guests of members: $9.95 each (up to 6 people); Anyone 2-59: $13.95; Under 2: Free; Seniors 60+: $10.95


Additional Comments: We do close for rainy weather. The weather decisions are made by 8am every morning. Please call before leaving!

May 7th Friendlys in Leominster

We received this benefit information for the Tyler Foundation.

May 7, 2009

Friendly's, 482 N. Main Street, Leominster (next to Staples), MA, 5 - 8 p.m.

Help us raise money and awareness for the Tyler Foundation by getting together with your friends and family and helping yourself to some great food!

A portion of all the sales from 5-8pm will be donated directly to the Tyler Foundation. We will also be raffling off some youth size red sox t-shirts.

The Tyler Foundation is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for families affected by epilepsy. The Tyler Foundation provides financial support to families' of children with epilepsy that are being treated at Boston Children's Hospital and UMASS Medical Center.



Gymnastics Open House: April 22

Looking for some April vacation fun? Here's some news baystateparent received from Over the Top in Worcester:

Over the Top is opening its doors to new friends on Wednesday, April 22nd with FREE mini trial classes at 1pm, 1:30pm & 2pm to introduce new students to their progressive program. No prior experience is necessary and these trial classes are open to boys and girls ages 5+.

For preschool friends, they're offering a free trial class at 10am, also on April 22nd. Participants will be introduced to basic tumbling skills and gymnastics equipment in a fun, fast paced environment.

These classes are FREE and there is absolutely no obligation to sign up A parent or guardian's signature is required in order to participate.

Carrie Arbuckle
Over the Top Gymnastics Academy

May 2 Family Sing Along in Framingham

May 2, 2009
11:00 am

Family Sing-along with David Polansky.
Performing Arts Center of MetroWest, 140 Pearl Street, Framingham, MA

Adults: $8.00
Children 12 and under: $6.00
Sr. Citizens 65 and older: $7.00

(508) 875-5554

Energy Drink from Girls' Night Out

Some of you have inquired about the Zrii energy drink that baystateparent gave away at our Girls' Night Out on March 31st.

Here's the info:
Jenn Karofsky: 1-617-947-9300.


Monday, April 6, 2009

baystateparent on the run

Hi Everyone,
Have you seen our April issue in print? OK. Who is in for running your first 5K (or your first in a long time)?
Personally, I have been meaning to get back into running for over 8 years, so I am really going to take advantage of the opportunity to get back out there
with baystateparent coach, Westborough mom of four and 11-time marathon runner, Trish Reske. Trish is going to e-mail us a plan starting on April 27.
If you are interested in learning how to run or running your first 5K, please e-mail me at We'll get all of our e-mails together, give them to Trish and she'll send us out a weekly plan.
Plus, we can ask her for tips or suggestions.
Then on June 20th, we'll all meet in Hopkinton to run the Sharon Timlin 5K at 9 a.m. Please register for the race as soon as you can:
It will be fun to meet in Hopkinton as a group, raise money for a great cause - ALS -
and run for ourselves again (or for the first time!).
Register!!!!! It's 3.1 miles. We can all do it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Win Sesame Street Live Tickets from baystateparent: Boston April 24 - 26

Click "Enter our Contests" at to win a family four-pack of Sesame Street Live tickets!

Fun & Furry Musicians Arrive in Boston on April 24

BOSTON – Mark your calendar for a musical event like no other—monsters making music! Elmo, Zoe, Big Bird and all their Sesame Street friends are taking to the stage to share their love of music in Sesame Street Live “Elmo Makes Music” at Agganis Arena at Boston University from Friday, April 24 through Sunday, April 26. Tickets for all seven performances are on sale now!

Jenny, an enthusiastic new music teacher, arrives on Sesame Street only to discover that her instruments are missing. Jenny’s new Muppet friends quickly come to the rescue and discover ‘instruments’ they never knew existed…rubber duckies, trash can lids and even cookie jars. Elmo and friends teach children that everyone can make and enjoy beautiful music together.

Like television’s Sesame Street, each Sesame Street Live production features timeless lessons for all ages. Through the razzle-dazzle of this musical Broadway-quality musical production, children learn about patience, acceptance and teamwork. The universal appeal of a Sesame Street Live production continues long after preschool. Adults will appreciate the high-tech stagecraft, cleverly written scripts, and music they’ll recognize and enjoy sharing with children, such as “The Hustle,” “You Should Be Dancing” and “Rockin’ Robin.” “Elmo Makes Music” features nearly two dozen songs, including classics that children will love to sing along with such as “C Is for Cookie” and “The Alphabet Song.”

What: Sesame Street Live "Elmo Makes Music"

When: Friday April 24 10:30 a.m. & 7 p.m. (*Opening Night Discount)
Saturday April 25 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. & 5:30 p.m.
Sunday April 26 1 p.m. & 4:30 p.m.

Where: Agganis Arena at Boston University
925 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Tickets: $15 and $20. A limited number of $29 Premium seats and $37 Gold Circle seats are also available. *Opening Night, all seats (excluding Premium/Gold Circle) are $12. A facility fee of $1.50 will be added to all ticket prices. Additional fees and discounts may apply. For more information, call 617-358-7000. To charge tickets by phone, please call Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000. Tickets may also be purchased online at For information online, please visit

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Firm's Recall Hotline: (800) 432-5437
CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772
CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908

Fisher-Price Recalls 3-in-1 High Chairs Due to Fall Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of product: 3-in-1 High Chairs

Units: About 24,000

Importer: Fisher-Price, of East Aurora, N.Y.

Hazard: The seat can fall backwards from high chair frame if the booster seat release is unlatched while the child is in the product. Also, the seat back can detach if not fully snapped in place, posing a fall hazard and risk of serious injury to young children.

Incidents/Injuries: The firm has received one report of a seat back detaching and child falling out, resulting in a skull fracture.

Description: This recall involves the 3-in-1 High Chair to Booster(tm), which converts from a high chair to a toddler booster seat. It includes a removable tray, height adjustment and folds for storage. The product number (P5369) is printed on the side of the seat, on a label on the seat pad, and on the product's packaging.

Sold exclusively at: Target stores nationwide from December 2008 through March 2009 for about $100.

Manufactured in: Mexico

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled high chairs immediately and contact Fisher-Price for instructions and a free repair kit.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Fisher-Price at (800) 432-5437 anytime or visit the firm's Web site at

To see this recall on CPSC's web site, including a picture of the recalled product, please go to:

baystateparent On the Run

Hi Everyone,
Have you seen our April issue in print? OK. Who is in for running your first 5K (or your first in a long time)?
Personally, I have been meaning to get back into running for over 8 years, so I am really going to take advantage of the opportunity to get back out there
with baystateparent coach, Westborough mom of four and 11-time marathon runner, Trish Reske. Trish is going to e-mail us a plan starting on April 27.
If you are interested in learning how to run or running your first 5K, please e-mail me at We'll get all of our e-mails together, give them to Trish and she'll send us out a weekly plan.
Plus, we can ask her for tips or suggestions.
Then on June 20th, we'll all meet in Hopkinton to run the Sharon Timlin 5K at 9 a.m. Please register for the race as soon as you can:
It will be fun to meet in Hopkinton as a group, raise money for a great cause - ALS -
and run for ourselves again (or for the first time!).

Egg Hunt Sat. April 4 in Charlton!

There will be an Easter egg hunt at Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary in Charlton, MA on Saturday, April 4 (rain date April 5). It will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is only $10 per family! 5,400 eggs to be found on the trails! Live animals, face painting, refreshments, and a great day of fun for the whole family!

Come join us!

Addtional Info:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Girls' Night Out Winners!

Thanks ladies (and two guys!) for coming to our Girls' Night Out at Tush Denim in Worcester last night. We had over 50 people join us for drinks and snacks from Block 5, Bocado and Mezcal.

baystateparent giveaways included cookies from Wicked Good Cookies with our February cover on them (pictured below. yes, that's a cookie!). Thank you Wicked Good Cookies in Boylston (!

We also gave away:

A funky pocketbook with scratch tickets donated by baystateparent: Valued at $25
Cinzia Sunglasses (valued at $140) with case and two tickets to Six Flaggs ($80 value)
A family four-pack to Foothills Theater to see Rapunzel over April vacation (A $40 value)
A sample of an energy drink from Framingham mom: Zrii.
A stack of DVDs for mom with snacks
Gold's Gym one-month memberships
and more!

And the winners were:

Tricia Gervasi, Auburn
Kris Castagnetti, West Boylston
Jeanne Brown, Wayland
Jamie Marrone, West Boylston
Amy Rodriguez, Belmont
Kristen Menhall, Grafton

See you at the next party!

Egg Hunt: April 6 - 10 Brookline, Hingham and Wellesley

Magic Beans let us know about their golden egg hunt. Check it out:

Beginning on April 6, 2009, Magic Beans will be holding their third annual Golden Egg Hunt. This event has quickly become a favorite among the families in Brookline, Hingham and Wellesley, the Egg Hunt will be taking place in all three communities.

Each day, a golden egg is hidden somewhere near each store. A photo clue is posted to the Magic Beans website each morning, and the page is updated as soon as the egg is turned in. Each egg can be redeemed for a $5 gift certificate to Magic Beans.

This year Magic Beans is delighted to be partnering with Disney as part of the hunt. When an egg is redeemed the “finder” will not only receive $5 dollars but a free Disney DVD.

The egg hunt will go through Friday April 10th.

Magic Beans is Boston’s favorite toy and baby gear store. They have three locations, one in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, one at the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham, and one at Linden Square in Wellesley. For more information, contact Rosie Mattio at

April 4: Wedding dress sale!

Saturday, April 4th
10am to 2 pm

6 West Central Street
Natick, MA
(At the intersection of Route 27 and Route 135)

Second Chances, a Natick-based thrift store benefiting Greyhound Friends, will host a spectacular wedding dress sale on April 4th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. The event will help future brides make their dream come true by offering affordable gowns, proving the economy doesn’t have to spoil everyone’s party. The sale will allow brides to find a beautiful gown, manage their wedding budget and support a terrific cause at the same time.

Free. 508-817-6706 or

Parents Night Out to benefit Ayer Education Foundation

Thursday, April 16, 2009
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

130 Sandy Pond Road, Groton, MA

Parents Night Out to Learn the history of the famous Shanklin Music Hall Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ. The Shanklin Music Hall's Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ was created in 1930 for Boston's Metropolitan Theatre (now the Wang Center). It was designed to take the place of an entire orchestra. Hosted by local entrepreneur, engineer and music enthusiast, Garrett Shanklin, the talk will include a tour of the theater and a live concert. Reservations including a $15 donation should be made by April 9th. All proceeds will benefit the AEF

A $15 donation per person to the Ayer Education Foundation.

978-772-8600 ext. 402


Mohegan Sun Bus Trip

baystateparent applauds Worcester's Why Me and Sherry's House for bringing some sunshine into the lives of families whose children have cancer. If any of you are looking for some sun yourselves, check out their bus trip on Sat., April 25 (moms and dads only!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

1:00 PM
Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun Bus Trip. Departs from Sherry's House (1152 Pleasant St. Worcester) at 1:00 PM and Oxford Rite Aid (Route 12) at 1:30 PM. Includes $15 food voucher and three $5 gaming vouchers.
$35 per person


E-mail address of event:

Web site for event:
All proceeds to benefit Why Me & Sherry's House, a nonprofit organization providing emotional and financial support to families of children with cancer.

$15 Workshops April and May in Charlton

Hi parents,
We liked the sound of these Charlton workshops if any of you are getting married or involved in weddings. We also thought some of the skills could be applied to baby showers, birthdays, graduations, First Communions, etc. Come on. Haven't you always wanted to learn how to make a proper bow?
Carrie Wattu, editor

Local Bride-to-Be Offers Budget-Friendly Wedding Workshops

A fairytale wedding with all the bells and whistles is a dream come true for most women. So when current economic woes threatened to cut into bride-to-be Dezeree Delanski’s wedding plans, she refused to scale back. Instead she fought back - with creativity. Dezeree discovered a way to keep the impressive details that define a fabulous wedding, and still stay on budget. And now she will share her creative talents in a series of four upcoming budget-friendly workshops.
“I want brides to know they can still have it all, even if money is tight. Many of the finishing touches that are so important to a wedding can easily become do-it-yourself projects without the expense of hiring out,” she said, adding: “Not only will brides save a bundle of money, the projects are a memorable and fun joint effort!”
Dezeree will host a series of unique “Brides on a Budget” workshops on designated Sunday afternoons in April and May at Charlton Mills (the box factory), Route 20 in Charlton. Pre registration is required. Call (508)-248-7976 to reserve a spot!

April 19: Wedding Shower Ideas 1 to 4 p.m.
A potpourri of ideas to host a sensational shower. Participants will learn the basics in arranging flowers for keepsake bouquets and shower table centerpieces. Workshop will include tips to create memorable shower favors and utilize unique packaging ideas. Learn how to stage the wedding shower scene with theme decorations and more!

April 26: Favor and Place Card Ideas 2 to 4 p.m.
Yes you CAN afford impressive wedding favors. Workshop offers ideas for clever and creative projects you and your bridesmaids can craft yourselves. Participants will also learn how to make exciting and exceptional place cards.

May 17: Card Boxes 2 to 4 p.m.
Discover how to assemble and decorate a gorgeous presentation box to accept the bride and groom’s wedding cards. Both simple and ornate designs will be explored during this fun workshop.

May 24: Gift Wrapping and Bow Making 2 to 4 p.m.
Learn the tricks to turning out professional quality bows for packaging and decorating. Bow instruction will include fashioning fantastic church pew bows, decorative reception bows, as well as gift box bows to wrap it all up in style.

Workshop fee is $15 per project, and includes materials to make a project to take home. Bridesmaids and or family members and friends are welcome to “pair up” and work on a single project together for one fee. Participants can register for any or all of the classes. Pre registration is preferred as there will be limited enrollment. Call (508)-248-7976 to reserve a spot!

Free Concert in Winchester

Monday, April 13, 2009

Winchester Community Music School
407 Highland Avenue, Winchester, MA 01890
7:30 p.m.

Winchester Community Music School faculty recital featuring Bolivian pianist Jorge Andres Ibáñez with guest artists Luis Antonio Ibáñez, violin and Deborah Welsh Ibáñez, percussion. The concert will feature solo piano and chamber works written by Ibáñez.

Free Admission and Open to the Public
For information, call 781-721-2950 or

Free Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum Workshop

Tuesday, April 28th, 6-8 p.m.: Labor of Love Workshop
Page Chiropractic, 27 E. Main St., Webster, MA
Come out for a night of fun and relaxation. A free workshop will help you to learn useful movements and tools for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Meet other expectant moms and have your questions answered. Sponsored by Maternal Goddess Doula Services ( and Page Chiropractic ( To register, please call: 508-943-8895 or 508-245-5301.

Shelly Taft
Birth and Postpartum Doula

Worcester La Leche League

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009
The Worcester La Leche League will be holding its monthly day meeting from 9:30 - 11 a.m. at the Phelan Center on Pleasant St. in Worcester, MA

A support group for mothers-to-be and mothers who are planning to or are already breastfeeding their babies. They offer support, information and problem solving based on experiences and research. They welcome women of all backgrounds and in all stages of breastfeeding who wish to share their experiences or are seeking support. Babies/Kids welcome. View their website at:

Resource Fair for People with Disabilities

Family Support Resource Fair
April 22, 2009
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Worcester Technical High School
1 Skyline Drive
Worcester, MA.

Take a journey through an array of services available for people with disabilities, their families, and those who support them. Nearly 70 agencies will be available to guide you on your way from birth to retirement.


Doug at 413-284-1555 for information.
Sponsored by the Central/West Dept. of Mental Retardation(DDS), Central Mass. Families Organizing for Change, HMEA, Seven Hills Foundation, Family Ties, and Central Regional Consultation Program.

Boston Dog Event

baystateparent received this release for your dog (and you!). Looks like fun...

The time for us Mighty Dogs to be recognized has come! Join us in celebrating the dawn of a new Nation – a Nation that is of the Mighty, by the Mighty and for the Mighty.

You and your humans are invited to the launch of the Mighty Dog Nation, the first and only Nation for dogs!

1-3 P.M.
Saturday, April 4
Peters Park (in the South End)
1277 Washington Street, Boston

Mighty Moments at the launch include:
- Joining of the Nation and getting your FREE* Citizenship Kit full of Mighty good stuff!
- Commemorating your citizenship with keepsake photos!
- Learning how to audition for "Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie"!
- Marking your paw on the Mighty Dog Nation Bill of Rights!
- And walking your human in the first ever March of the Mighty Dog Nation!

It’s FREE, but you have to wear a leash (no biggie, we’re all civilized in the Mighty Dog Nation).

April 3 and 4

If you're looking for something to do with the kids this weekend...Enter Stage Left's School House Rock should be a fun show! Friday at 7pm and Sat at 10am and 2pm. at Hopkins School, 104 Hayden Rowe, Hopkinton
Here's the link: