Friday, November 7, 2008

How are you processing the election with the kids?

Our November issue features a story on how families are processing the election results with the kids (page 31).

In my town, we were invited to an election party last night to celebrate election week. The hosts were having the kids make noise makers for a parade.
Regardless of how you feel about the results, it's kind of cool to celebrate our country and the right to vote.

I saw red,white, and blue balloons on several mailboxes on election day.

My children came home from school with many "interesting" comments as I am sure your kids did too. It was very surprising.

My second grader has been digesting the rumors at school and trying to make sense of everything she had heard during her school's mock election.

"Mom, I heard if Obama is elected we will have two more hours of school per day.
I heard that Obama says bad things about McCain"

There is a lot to talk about.

Her Scholastic flyer came home with profiles of the candidates including the candidates' favorite foods,childhood books, and activities.

This made quite an impression on my second grader.

McCain likes Mexican food.
Barack likes Harry Potter.

It was a hard choice!

from Stacey Carroll of Holden: What are your kids saying?

My husband and I talked with our 4 ½ year old, Ryan, about the candidates and about how it’s important to learn about both candidates and then to vote for one’s personal choice. We identified the candidates to Ryan from time to time, and we always vote as a family in an attempt to have our children learn the value of voting. We were proud of our educational efforts. Then, the weekend before the election, my husband had the football game on and there were two commentators: one an older white man and the other a younger African American man. Ryan said “Oh, look! It’s Barack Obama and John McCain.” He added, “they’re running for president of the world.”

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