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Paula Monette Ethier, Creative Director
Gareth Charter, Publisher
Carrie Wattu, Editor

baystateparent just returned from a parenting publications conference in New Orleans with regional parenting magazines from all over the United States.
In addition to networking and exchanging ideas and resources, baystateparent competed with other publications in various design and editorial categories for the year 2008 and were judged by professionals from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism. We're proud to announce...

baystateparent Wins 11 National Design and Editorial Awards

from Parenting Publications of America

Winners of the 11 awards for baystateparent were Paula Monette Ethier, creative director; Steven King, voted as New England’s photographer of the year by the New England Press Association, Paula Swift, award-winning photographer; Carrie Wattu, editor


1 BRONZE for cover writing by Carrie Wattu

1 SILVER for Carrie Wattu’s headlines

3 GOLD for Carrie Wattu’s editor’s note, travel story on NYC and profile on Monica Jorge


3 BRONZE: Paula Ethier and Steven King’s January 2008 cover; Paula Ethier and Steve King’s “Moms Without Limbs,” and Paula Monette Ethier’s Adoption Guide November 2008.

1 SILVER: Back –to-School color layout August 2008 by Paula Ethier

2 GOLD: Paula Ethier and Paula Swifts’s October 2008 Think Pink Cover and Paula Ethier and Steve King’s Coming of Age Fashions, May 2008.

Cover Writing

Bronze: Bay State Parent; Carrie Wattu, editor

The writer of the cover lines uses an effective style that separates this magazine from others – she highlights each topic with a larger typeface and writes the rest of the cover line to make both sizes work together. Great work.

Column: Publisher’s/Editor’s Note

Gold: Bay State Parent; Carrie Wattu, editor

Both of these columns overflow with a strong writer’s voice. The strong phrasing compels readers to stick around from the lede to the end. In one of the columns, the writer takes us straight into the life of a mother who lost all four limbs to a rare infection. Excellent legwork gathering quotes and the details that show readers how the mother’s spirit remains strong, despite her physical condition.


Silver: Bay State Parent; Carrie Wattu, editor

Consistently solid headlines with a clear reflection of the story content, including “The Buzz on Energy Drinks” and “Worried about your anxious kid?” Readable headlines draw attention to stories without being a distraction.

Travel Feature

Gold: Bay State Parent; “Plan an unforgettable mother-daughter trip to New York City”; Carrie Wattu, editor

It’s hard to write about a place like New York City and generate new excitement and interest. But this author took on that challenge by creating an engaging and visual personal narrative that included visual details, keen description, and helpful information. Even if you’ve been a hundred times, you’ll want to go again.


Gold: Bay State Parent, “Mom Without Limbs/Without Limits”; Carrie Wattu, editor; Steven King, photographer; Paula Ethier, creative director

This is a heartwarming, remarkable story about a woman who literally gave up her arms and legs for her children following C-section complications. Wattu dramatically describes Monica Jorge’s ordeal, as well as the day-to-day challenges she faces as a parent with disabilities. Fascinating subject matter, well-written story.

Front Cover/Newsprint: Original Photo

Bronze: Bay State Parent; “January 2008”; Paula Monette Ethier, Steven King

The boy’s face and the cover design make this entry a winner. His face stands out because of the dark clothing and background. The text is balanced around the edges, on his dark jacket. Colors are subdued, but harmonious.

Gold: Bay State Parent; “October 2008”; Paula Monette Ethier, Paula Swift

The clean, simple photograph will draw attention, and the triangle formed with the hands will keep viewers’ eyes in the photograph. The theme of the issue is clear because of the pink clothing and typography.
Interior Photography (Original)

Bronze: Bay State Parent; “Mom Without Limbs/Without Limits”; Paula Monette Ethier

The large, intimate portraits of the parents with their child sets the tone immediately. This is followed by two smaller, natural moments. This story could be sad, but the images and layout lift the mood and show the joy and love in the family.

Gold: Bay State Parent; “Coming of Age Fashions”; Paula Monette Ethier, Steven King

This is an original story idea with a fresh photographic execution. The illustrations are playful, tasteful and technically well done. They are played well and have ample white space. The use of simple props helps create a fun, youthful mood. Kudos to this team!

Feature Layout/Color

Silver: Bay State Parent; “Brrrrrring… Woke Up, Got out of Bed”; Paula Monette Ethier

This was a fun design done the old-fashioned way – build the props yourself instead of going for clip art and Photoshop. The end result is images you just can’t capture quite as well digitally. A fun rhyme and a comic-panel theme make this an enjoyable design.

Special Section

Bronze: Bay State Parent; “Annual Adoption Guide”; Paula Monette Ethier

This guide has essential information for parents considering adoption and those who have are foster parents or who have adopted children. The information is presented clearly and display type enhances the stories.

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