Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Fox and the Child: Rated G/Available at Blockbuster

Our family watched The Fox and the Child (Dec. 2007) last night and woke up talking and thinking about it. As we watched the film, the room had the intense silence of a family completely absorbed.
Our three girls (twins, age 5, and oldest daughter, age 9) were just as engaged as the adults were. The movie is narrated by Kate Winslet and directed by the filmmaker, Luc Jacquet, who directed March of the Penguins. It is so beautiful as it is filmed in rural France with only one adorable 10-year-old girl. It takes us into underground burrows and dens and into the complex and complicated world of an unlikely friendship. We were so moved!
The story is for all nature lovers and brings up so many important questions about love, friendship, adventure, trust, and life.
CAUTION: There is one sad part near the beginning as the community tries to control the fox population. It is brief but may upset kids (involves a hunter and some poison food). There is another part that is completely surprising and upsetting near the end. Initially, I regretted renting the movie and not being warned, BUT it turned around to a positive (thankfully!). Sensitive children may be too sad to watch (our girls are big animal lovers, but this movie was so powerful and beautiful that it captured their hearts much more than upsetted them).
I have to say this is the best movie I have seen in years! I want to share it with everyone. Just wanted to let you know it may be best for older children.
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