Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet a New Moon Werewolf on Sun., Jan. 31

Chaske Spencer called in to the baystateparent office today.
It was "interesting" talking to a werewolf.

Chaske tell us that he's making his way to the Worcester Sharks game on Sunday, January 31st. If you want to get up-close to Twilight fever, get in line and meet him for yourself! We didn't ask him if he would be wearing a shirt, but we should have!

Chaske tells us that a couple of years ago, he visited Boston to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He stayed for four days hanging out downtown and seeing the sights.
He likes our state and is looking forward to meeting Twilight fans.

When he saw himself as a werewolf on screen, he thought they made him look really cool because he says, "I am not cool."

And he tells us the third movie, Eclipse, has already wrapped, so for all of us re-reading the books and re-viewing the movie, more is to come!

We also asked Chaske:

What is the most common question your fans ask you?
They want to know about Rob and Taylor.

Were you chosen for the role because of your resemblance to a werewolf?
I don't know....I guess it's a look.

Since you have your shirt off for the entire movie, did you audition for the role in great shape, or did you have to train?
I was in shape …I always went to the gym, but we did go to training and put weight on.

Tell us about your unusual name
My name is Chaske…it’s just my name…

Any interesting stories about your name?'s just my name.

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