Wednesday, April 7, 2010

baystateparent's First-Ever "Mom Who Rocks" Gives Away Free Copies of her New Book

Dawn Garabedian-Weber of Rutland, baystateparent's January 2009 mom who rocks

Dawn was baystateparent's original "mom who rocks. " Her story inspired so many of us to stop dwelling on what was wrong in our lives and start working towards happiness (you can search her story in the archives at

Since appearing in our magazine, Dawn has written a book about her experience in finding true happiness in her own life called, "Become Aware: A New Life Has Begun."

This book explains the moment when Dawn realized that she had had enough fear and worry in her life. She was exhausted from overthinking, judging others, and living in the past. She realized that if she could create chaos in her life, then she could also stop it.

Many of us could relate to feeling anxious and burdened even about the most minute things in our lives.

If you could use some inspiration right now, meet this warm and sincere mother of five at Tatnuck Bookseller on April 24th. She has a lot of positive advice to share with us all. Check out the event at

And if you 'd like a complimentary copy of Dawn's book, email me, Carrie Wattu editor, at and I will send you a copy just in time for Mother's Day.(Thank you Dawn for your big heart in wanting to share this book with other moms).

Lastly, I wish that all the moms who feel unsettled, anxious, and depressed to do something for yourself that will lead you to happiness. And please try to speak up as others are probably feeling the same way (or they know someone who has conquered the challenge of not leading her best life too).

If you'd like to get in touch with Dawn, email her at

See you at Tatnuck on the 24th!
Carrie Wattu

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