Friday, October 29, 2010

Be a Part of baystateparent!

There are several ways your family can get more involved in baystateparent:

1. bsp is now featuring reader photos every month. If you'd like to email family photos to editor@baystateparent, we will consider them for publication. We will group them into a theme each month. For December, we are looking for holiday-themed photos. For the new year, we'd like photos of kids who dressed themselves.
You may have a great photo that will inspire a theme for the magazine, so please do send along!
Don't forget to include your contact information and the names and ages of children in the photo.
The more information the better!

2. On My Plate. Every month, baystateparent features a parent essay written by a local mom or dad (and you don't have to be a published writer). It's your chance to express a viewpoint or share an experience that will inspire, educate or entertain other parents. Do you have something you'd like to say? Send your submission to to be considered. You will have an audience of 100,000 Massachusetts parents and can make a difference!

3. Internships for Moms! baystateparent has openings for an intern or interns. While a college-aged intern would be ideal (do you know a talented prospect?), we are open to a parent. This is an excellent chance to shape an award-winning magazine with real writing, brainstorming, proofing and editing opportunities.
We offer a hands-0n, authentic experience where you will be a valued part of our creative team.
The atmosphere is fast-paced and fun. We need creative thinkers with excellent communication, writing and grammar skills. It's a great resume booster as you will get experience in the publishing industry (which is highly competitive).
Interested? Send a detailed email to and we can arrange a time for you to come to our Millbury office.
**Ideally, we would like someone who could be in our Millbury office at least once per week (two to three times a week would be ideal). Mothers' hours are fine! There is also work that can be done at home.

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Anonymous said...

would this kind of be like a parental correspondent position? or the like? is the opening a paid position? how much could really be done at home?