Monday, February 5, 2007

Sunday Afternoon at the Ballet

Yesterday, we attended a performance of Peter and the Wolf presented by The Youth Ballet of Worcester.
The show was a great opportunity to introduce theatrical ballet to a child. The performance was short - about 30 minutes - and was easy for a child to follow. Each character of the Russian folk tale was portrayed by a young, local dancer and by a musical instrument. The choreography, which included dancing on the stage and through the aisles, entertained the audience, especially the little ones.
"I loved it," said my daughter, 5. "The wolf wasn't scary. He was the french horn, my favorite instrument. I liked all of it. The duck was funny and the bird's costume was beautiful."
The Youth Ballet of Worcester Company is the resident youth company of Ballet Arts Worcester and is comprised of students between the ages of 12-19. Performers in yesterday's show, presented by Music Worcester Inc., included: Marissa Martin, Rebecca Leach, Lara Underkoffler, Christine Hickman, Andrew Vayo-Keefe, Anika Blodgett, Meghan Foley, Emily Glick, Shela Murphy, and Pavla Ovtchinnikova.
If you are trying to decide if your child is mature enough to attend a professional performance of The Nutcracker or Swan Lake, consider a show by The Youth Ballet of Worcester Company. You and your child won't be disappointed. Check out the company and its upcoming performance schedule at

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