Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October Issue


Dear Readers,
What do you think of our October issue?
Let us know.
Join in the discussion, and we'll enter your name to win free stuff!

Carrie Wattu


Anonymous said...

I would comment on the october issue if I could find it. It is never at the local library anymore and I can't find it at the supermarkets anymore.

Jenna said...

I miss the tween to teen articles.
Give me more of these. My kids are age 9 and older.
You should cover more middle school and high school issues!!
How about how to afford college in this economy!

Terry said...

I love the day trip destination feature. It is my favorite, but I would have preferred to see a destination much closer to central massachusetts!

Diane from Fitchburg said...

Where are my favorite feature this month?
Ask The Teacher, Special Needs Parenting, Family Health, Working Mom???