Friday, October 31, 2008

What does your answering machine say?

From the Editor:
In our November issue, columnist Kerri Augusto explores the issue of when children answer the phone in, "Mom, Some Lady is on the Phone!" She points out that it's never too early to start teaching your kids to use the telephone properly. It's so simple but makes you think: Do you let your children use the phone? Do they know how to use the phone properly? Moreover, do you let them leave the voice mail message? ? Augusto points out that this is her pet peeve.

I have been "guilty" of letting the kids talk in their baby voices and sing songs on the machine. It's usually our message for a day or two. Is it cute? Or obnoxious?

Maybe both.

I do know that one of my favorite "kid" messages is on my friend's machine: two kids clearly "yelling" into the machine, "We won't let Mom come to the phone right now. Leave a message." Beep.

How typical!

So, let's hear it out there. What message is on your answering machine right now? Leave a comment here.

-Carrie Wattu

P.S. And if you are curious about Augusto's answering machine? Here's what she said after writing this month's article:

Truth be told, I have a terrible habit of answering the phone like this: "Kerri
Augusto speaking. How may I help you?" Too many years of being a receptionist.... But it beats my mother who has 45 years of being a nurse to thank for her slip: "Labor and Delivery. Is this an emergency?" Needless to say, we both get a lot of ribbing from the family.

My answering machine is simple: "You've reached the Augusto residence. We are unable to answer the phone right now. Please leave a message."

But if I were to say what was REALLY on my mind, it would be: "You have reached Kerri Augusto. If you need a ride, I'm already on the road. If you need money, I'm broke. If you need answers, I'm out of ideas. If you're offering free coffee or want to schedule a playdate, leave a message and I'll call you back right away!"

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Anonymous said...

The most fun my family had creating an answering machine message was when my husband left the message in a helium-induced falsetto voice. My kids are laughing hysterically in the background. Most people weren't annoyed...just curious!