Friday, January 16, 2009

Do your Kids Love Animals?

We did something so memorable for my girls' 5th birthday. We went to Animal
Adventures on Sugar Road in Bolton (right off 495).
It was pricey ($17 per person), but we took an hour and a half personal,
hands-on tour. Stacey, our guide, was so great! My girls got to hold and pet so
many creatures, both furry and rough, and because it was just our family, they didn't have to take turns with a huge group of kids or raise their hands to ask questions.
My girls played with a hedgehog (so cute!), gave a chinchilla a dust bath, cuddled a
skunk, fed crickets to a huge toad, kissed a snake (I know...germs!), and so much
more. You've got to meet Hagrid and Louigi. Very cute!
We really felt that the $85 was worth it because Stacey opened all of the cages
and gave us one-on-one attention.
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