Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Show? Illumination by Cirque Dreams at Foxwoods

Meet you at Foxwoods!

We brought the kids (ages 8 and 5) to see this cool acrobatic show over the weekend. It's like a Cirque de Soleil.

It was creative, funky and amazing, but the kids didn't truly understand the kind of skill it takes to perform the feats (which is what completely amazed and entertained the adults).

The show is appropriate for all ages (except one steamy dance scene around a tub that will probably go over their heads). A gymnastic or dancer would especially love it.

It would also be a fun night out for a teen or pre-teen. Any August or September birthdays coming up? Tickets are about $30 each, and you can eat at the Hard Rock Cafe (it's right there at Foxwoods).

Or if you like the casino scene, consider taking in the show without the kids. It's only there until September 6th....


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