Thursday, August 20, 2009

Winners of the Brave Girl Adventure Pack!

Meet some of the Brave Girls who entered baystateparent’s “Brave Girl Adventure Pack Contest:

Mom Evelyn Larson wrote that her daughter Audrey is brave everyday by overcoming some of the many social obstacles that come along with being homeschooled. Audrey strives to be pleasant, to stand up for her educational rights, and to be brave about being different!
Good work Audrey, that’s what BRAVE is all about!

Kaylei Carlson is a special child who holds true to the #1 principal of braveness; she never talks down to her friends and truly sees the good in everyone. Being a social butterfly, she loves to include new friends into her peer group.
Thanks Kaylei, you help set a great example for girls who rock!

Little 2 ½-year-old Ellie shows her bravery in ways both large and small. She is fearless around animals, loves to climb and jump despite her small size, and is brave with her emotions. Says her mother, she is always trying to let us know exactly how she feels. Ellie, you are growing up to be one brave little lady!

Katie, 12, is brave everyday because she is strong and independent, with an “I can do anything attitude.” baystateparent loves that! As her mother says, “In today’s world, being 12 can be difficult, and middle school can be challenging. She is her own person, and stays true to herself. I admire that in her, and wish I was more like Katie when I was growing up.”
What a great mom and daughter team!

Mom, Daniele Sarkisian-West, told us that her daughters are so brave and adventurous. Not only do they take swimming lessons in the rain but they are not afraid of bugs! Her oldest daughter, who is 8, went to an overnight camp for 2 weeks and wants to go back for a month!
Thanks for showing us that girls can do anything!

Although baystateparent wishes we could have let everyone who entered our contest win, we had to choose. And while you are all brave in your own amazing ways please meet our brave winners.

Shayla Yu Ping Nicholson, 4, was left at the door of an orphanage in China. Someone found her and she took 4 planes to get to the U.S where she now lives with her loving mom and dad. Shayla has overcome a Cleft Palate repair, learned to speak English, and began school everyday in West Boylston. That takes bravery!

Megan, 7, of Mendon shows her courageousness everyday. Unfortunately, mean spirited children taunt Megan and try to hurt her feelings. Megan does the right things and uses her bravery to ignore these comments and tell herself that she is and can be the best girl she wants to be!
baystateparent is very proud of you Megan! Keep up the good work!

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