Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Time you Got a Cell Phone Dear


Our family is lucky to have you. I won't embarrass you by lavishing compliment after compliment in a public forum, so I'll do something else. I'll make a request.

Get a cell phone already!

Ok. I know. The sound of a phone ringing is as irritating as a team of kids blowing Kazoos. You hate it. Well, pick your ring tone then. God knows you quote enough movies and imitate enough sounds.

As far as that claim that you are superstitious (If you don't have a cell phone, you can't receive bad news, right?), I don't buy it.

As you know, it's hard keeping a family of five going, plus a dog and a house. With two working parents, and three busy kids, every day brings a new challenge. If we could alert you to the day's challenge on your commute home from work, it would save a lot of time and confusion as you could quickly stop for milk, meet us for dinner or pick up our child's medicine, without having to go back out. We could remind you that there is still time to catch something special at the kids' school, to pick up a movie or to meet me for an unexpected drink (Surprise! The grandparents have the kids.).

There have been so many times when you are out doing errands, and I remember that we need something. You are right there. All I need to do is send you a quick Text, and you could save me 20 minutes from having to drive there later, 15 minutes at the store and 20 minutes driving home.

While I hate to think about it, God forbid there is ever a real emergency. It would be devastating to know that we could have reached you instantly or vice versa.

I want to know: Is my husband the last parent standing without a cell phone?

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Barb said...

You are victim of a misconception, just because a husband has a cell phone, does not mean he will ever answer on the mentioned occasions. But then again, you might get the entertaining butt-call every now and then... lol