Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stage Mom?

I promise here -- in writing -- not to be a stage mom, if my daughter heads down the performance path in life,
My daughter loves to sing, dance, and if what she does to her stuffed animals and dolls is any indication, to direct, too. I think we need to find her a theatre class. (Any recommendations?)
This week, she performed in her first musical - "Snow Biz."
The Cornerstone Academy musical featured students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Bella, 5, was in the opening number and a skit about ice fisherman (check out the photo).
However, it is not what she did yesterday at school, but what she has been doing for the past three weeks and continues to do today at home, that tells me she could someday be Broadway or Hollywood bound. She can recite every line of the musical from start to finish. She loves to act out stories. She needs to wear a costume when performing - ALWAYS. She sets up her dolls and animals to play the different rolls, and then she directs them on where to stand and how to act.
She doesn't get this acting or musical gene from me. I can't sing. In fact, I rival some of those contestants trying out for American Idol.
Theatre may not be my first choice for her, -- but if it makes her happy -- I'm all for it.
I 100% support my HAPPY child, in what ever path she chooses.

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