Friday, January 12, 2007

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome! You must be a fan of Bay State Parent magazine, if you are reading this. We're glad you are and we are thrilled about our new venture - this blog! Here you'll meet the editors & writers, who produce Massachusetts' premier magazine for families. We'll welcome you into both our professional & personal families. Future posts will offer insight into how the magazine is produced, what we have planned for future issues, exclusive BLOG contests, recommendations for great family outings, intelligent discussions and ancedotes on raising a family, commentary on news articles, information parents need to know that we can't squeeze into an issue, trendy product recommendations, and so much more. (We are allowing the freelance writers of Bay State Parent, invited to contribute to this blog, the option of using a "blog name" or their first name. ) We welcome your feedback and comments. So post often and feel free to e-mail me with ideas, complaints, suggestions, etc.

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