Thursday, March 22, 2007

Making Time For The New Mom

For some new moms, getting out to socialize, for downtime or to reestablish pre-baby hobbies or interests gets put on the backburner after baby arrives and takes precedent.
The effects of that could be detrimental. Dr. Debra Pallatto-Fontaine, professor of teacher education and family studies at Becker College in Leicester/Worcester, said a new mom must be willing to care for herself and maintain her identity as a woman, and if she's feeling overtired, depressed, or isolated, she cannot feel overjoyed about being with the baby 24- hours a day, seven days a week.
"Many women/mothers tend to put others' needs before their own and, as a result, become stressed and sometimes even resentful," she said. "Babies need moms who are not tired all the time or wishing they could have some free time."
There needs to be a healthy balance between baby play dates and what moms want to do, she advised.
Bay State Parent magazine contributing writer Robin Burke delves into this issue and offers new moms ways to find time for themselves in the magazine's Mom's Play Date department inside the March issue.
Pick up a copy of the issue, which contains our 7th Annual Pregnancy & Baby Guide, or read Robin's report online at:

*And check out the magazine's tips for finding adult-only play dates:

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