Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SPECIAL REPORT: Ending the Food Fight & Tackling Childhood Obesity

In April, Dr. David Ludwig, director of the Optimal Weight for Life Clinic at Children's Hospital in Boston, hopes to get his warning about childhood obesity to a greater audience with the publication of his first book, Ending The Food Fight: Guide Your Child To a Healthy Weight in a Fast Food/Fake Food World.
The book, co-written with Suzanne Rostler, is a guide for parents that provides an easy-to-read explanation of why so many children are overweight. The book offers strategies to help families develop healthy lifestyles and includes a detailed 9-week plan for families to follow. Also, it discusses strategies and coping techniques and even offers a number of recipes for healthy snacks and meals.
In a recent interview with Bay State Parent magazine contributing writer Rosemary Cafasso, Dr. Ludwig discussed his new book and shared his thoughts on the childhood obesity crisis.
"We take 2 steps forward and 1.9 steps back. Progress is slow,'' said Dr. Ludwig. "Obesity rates don't need to go up. We could level off and we would still be set for an unprecedented disaster. If the rates stay the same, we are looking at heart attack, stroke and kidney disease becoming conditions of young adulthood.''
Dr. Ludwig has been focused on childhood obesity since the early 1990s. He was named one of our nation's "Obesity Warriors'' in a 2004 Time magazine special report that focused on America's obesity crisis. He is outspoken in calling attention to this epidemic. When asked how families can get healthy when they are often so busy, Dr. Ludwig said, "It can be inconvenient until people realize how much better they feel - and guess what? Type 2 diabetes is a lot more inconvenient."
An endocrinologist and associate professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, he co-founded the Clinic in 1995. The clinic has treated more than 3,500 families.
Based on his years of research and patient treatment, Dr. Ludwig has determined certain factors must be in place for overweight children to lose weight and get healthy.
To read specific ways your family can make positive changes, pick up a copy of the March issue or read more of Rosemary's interview online at: http://www.baystateparent.com/news/2007/0301/Articles/008.html

* Rosemary's interview with Dr. David Ludwig, is just one part of the magazine's Special Report: Tackling the Childhood Obesity Problem inside the March issue.
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