Monday, August 20, 2007

Coming out...

After so many years of reading about the limiting effects of TV time, the ludicrous infestation of reality TV, and the decline of quality family time, I was hesitant to confess my secret addiction. But today I'm coming out.

I, Kerri Augusto, am a reality TV junkie. And I'm proud of it.

This summer, my addiction has been contagious and my entire family has become hooked on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance". The benefits of family TV time have not been limited to boisterous cheers and silly bets (though there's lots of that). My children have become acquainted with many different forms of dance: they can recognize a tango, a waltz and a disco routine. They have learned to appreciate a variety of music and have downloaded everything from classical to jazz to hip-hop (clean versions!) on their MP3 players. But most importantly, they have come together.

Last week I watched my son take his sister in his arms and try to waltz across the living room. She was all smiles. This afternoon, they "choreographed" a dance to one of the HS Musical songs. They played nicely for over an hour -- a record for two children who generally can't stand each other for more than ten minutes. Watching my children dance, though not at all graceful, is exquisitely beautiful. And I have reality TV to thank for the experience.

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