Monday, May 5, 2008

5 Readers Win Go Diego Go DVDs!

Congrats to the following Bay State Parent magazine readers for winning a copy of Go Diego Go: Moonlight Rescue:
* Michelle Maley of Grafton
* Magdalena Rodriguez of Worcester
* Stephanie Eco of Shrewsbury
* Krista Lajoie of Gardner
* MaryAnn Simpson of Burlington

In Go Diego Go: Moonlight Rescue DVD, 8-year-old Diego, the cousin of Dore the Explorer tells the story of the day he and Tuga were at the beach waiting for the baby sea turtle eggs to hatch. In this 45-minute never-before-seen episode on DVD, suddenly, a big lightening storm comes and breaks Luna (the moon) into four pieces and they drop from the sky. Now, Diego must work to help get Luna back together because once the baby turtles hatch, they’ll need moonlight to find their way into the ocean – their new home. Preschoolers and toddlers will want to stay up past bedtime to watch this night time Diego adventure.
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest (

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