Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today is National Mother Goose Day

Today, May 1, is National Mother Goose Day. Inside the May issue of Bay State Parent magazine ( we are launching a new column called Mother 'N Goose, which will highlight books for children. The column's author is writer Lisa D. Welsh, who also appears as Mother Goose at school and events. Visit her Web site at for more information on birthday party appearances, field trips, or other events.
Her column will appear regularly in Bay State Parent magazine. You can read this month's column at:

So celebrate Mother Goose Day with your family by reading together!
Consider entering Bay State Parent magazine's book giveaway featuring Scholastic's Counting in the Garden book, highlighted in the premiere Mother N' Goose column. For details visit:

Who Was Mother Goose?
The answer is many different writers. The term Mother Goose has been traced back to 1650 when a French book carried the line, Like a Mother Goose story.
It was first used in the title of a nursery rhyme collection about 1765 when Mother Goose's Melody was published. The name caught on, and nursery rhymes have been attributed to Mother Goose ever since.
In 1860 Elizabeth Goose; wife of Isaiah Thomas who published The Spy, the first newspaper in Central Massachusetts, became the Boston Mother Goose.
Another account is that the originator of the tales was Elizabeth Goose - the great-grandmother of publisher Isaiah Thomas's wife. Whether Thomas' wife or a great, grandmother, a tour of the Freedom Trail in Boston includes a stop at the headstone of Elizabeth Goose and she is given credit as the real Mother Goose.
The fact is that Mother Goose rhymes are from many sources, passed down in folklore fashion (some even written by famous authors) and perpetuated by publishers, frequently without author attribution.
So, origins of Mother Goose terminology are vague - and authorship of the verses is known to be varied - yet, we all know that Mother Goose is - somehow - real.


Lisa D. Welsh said...

I am very happy to be a part of the award-winning Bay State Parent team and its support of early literacy and helping children to love books, which in later years, transfers to a love for reading.

Teresa Ryan said...

This is great news to hear that Lisa Welsh will contribute to Bay State Parent. As a daycare owner I am always looking for new books to enhance my program. I look forward to reading her recomendations.
Teresa Ryan/Little Britches Daycare