Sunday, May 18, 2008

Arthur Live! is A Wonderful Show!

Yesterday, I attended Arthur Live! at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester.
It was the first children's show at the newly renovated theatre.
Below I comment on the show I wanted to say a view things about the venue.
I found the drive into Worcester easier than one into Boston -no construction detours. I also found the parking more convenient (directly across the street) and cheaper ($5 for the Sunday afternoon show.)
The theatre is beautiful and comfortable. The floor seats have plenty of leg room.
The theatre has a look and feel similar to the Colonial Theatre in Boston.

Now on to the show --- Arthur Live! Based on Marc Brown's books and Emmy-Award winning PBS series, this live stage show is worth the money. (There were very few empty seats on the floor on Sunday. There is also balcony seating)
The show (90 minutes including a 20-minute intermission) features everyone’s favorite aardvark and his friends in a musical tooth fairy adventure. The show adds music and dance to the familiar television episode - if your child is a fan of the PBS series. (If you haven't seen the episode -- here is a quick synopsis -- D.W. is jealous when her big brother Arthur loses a tooth and gets a visit, and a dollar, from the Tooth Fairy. Arthur explains that the Tooth Fairy comes only when you lose a tooth and put it under your pillow at night, so D.W. dreams up some hilarious (but unsuccessful) plans to trick the Tooth Fairy into coming. Finally, Arthur decides to reward D.W.'s efforts by playing Tooth Fairy, himself!)
All your child's favorite Arthur Read characters are in Arthur Live!-- Buster, Brain, Francine, Muffy Crosswire, -- even an appearance by Pal and Baby Kate.
I enjoyed the creative, innovative, page-turning pop-up storybook set of Elwood City.
The costumes were similar to what you would see at a theme park.
I found the Tooth Fairy character a bit over the top (although my daughter didn't share my opinion and I'm sure the rest of the children in the audience did not either.)
The songs were cute -- even the one about Mr. Ratburn's pop quiz - sung to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel. I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch room scenes and the glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs at the museum were a surprise for the children in the audience.
Many of the children in attendance sand and dance along with the characters.
If your child is an Arthur fan, this show is not to be missed.
Below is a few photos from yesterday's performance. (Bring your camera if you attend a future performance of Arthur Live!, as photography (but not video) is allowed at this show!

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