Friday, July 18, 2008

Jordan's Furniture Hosts Summer Adoption Mixer Saturday to Find Adoptive Home For Children in Foster Care

Jordan’s Furniture Hosts “Summer Adoption Mixer” to Find Adoptive Homes for Children in Foster Care. Summer Adoption Mixer – A free carnival for children in need of adoption and families approved to adopt a child or sibling group from foster care

WHEN: Saturday, July 19 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
WHERE: Assumption College, 500 Salisbury St., Worcester, (start in Laska Gymnasium)
WHO: Hosted by Jordan’s Furniture’s CEO Eliot Tatelman in collaboration with Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) and Massachusetts Department of Social Services (DSS)
ATTENDING: = 105 children currently in state foster care awaiting adoption
= 79 prospective adoptive families
= 174 social workers and staff from state and private agencies to facilitate connections

FEATURES: BBQ lunch, entertainment, carnival activities for prospective adoptive parents to meet waiting children in a fun, informal setting and orientation workshops for prospective parents, beginning at 9 a.m.

* In Massachusetts, 2,400 children currently in foster care have the goal of adoption
* 600 still have not been matched with families
* Older, school-aged children, sibling groups, children of color and/or children with special needs tend to wait the longest for families

“Jordan’s has been a part of the adoption and foster care community for over 10 years now,” says Jordan’s Furniture CEO Eliot Tatelman. “Once we saw how many kids, especially older kids, were looking for families, we started to do whatever we could to help. We are excited to see the magic happen at our adoption event. These connections can change the life of both the children and the families. It is what it is all about and is much more rewarding than just selling furniture!”
Last year, over 300 teens in Massachusetts aged out of foster care to fend for themselves. Adoption improves cognitive, educational, health, social, and economic outcomes.

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