Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gluten-Free and Food Allergy Help in Massachusetts

Struggling with food allergies?

Here are two sources baystateparent recommends for help in dealing with your family's food allergies, particularly allergies to gluten: It’s a web based business (headquarters in Hopkinton) that helps those with celiac disease and food allergies, by sharing tips, ideas, recipes, saving ideas and coupons / coupon codes. The owner lives in Hopkinton and is very knowledgeable and resourceful in offering tips on how the entire family can live a happy, healthy life.

baystateparent's new advertiser, a Whitinsville holistic health counselor and mom, can help your family with food allergies, the gluten free lifestyle, and healthy eating.

Good luck on your journey, and please do send us any local sources that you have...
Carrie Wattu, editor

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