Monday, September 28, 2009

got my new eyebrows! Spend the day in Lexington

Hi Readers,

My friend picked up me and my eyebrows last Friday. I let them grow out for weeks...very scary! But it was all for a good purpose to visit Elena of Eyebrows by Elena in Lexington.

Elena is baystateparent's new advertiser and highly rated to help a teen, woman, man...anyone with their brows. She provides free eyebrows consultations (An appointment is $50).

While that is expensive compared to do-it-yourself tweezing or a quick wax at the salon, Elena takes the brows seriously, helping you to determine the right shape for your face. I was really happy with the results and all of the special attention!

I thought of my teen years when I had no idea how to style brows, and I just went crazy with the tweezers. I think she'd be a great gift for a young girl who could use a confidence-booster and advice on how to get a handle on her eyebrows. She's also skilled in shaping a man's brows so that they DO NOT looked like they've been styled. She keeps them very masculine but just cleans it all up. I love that for guys! Don't you?!

After that, my friend and I had a fabulous lunch at Lexx in downtown Lexington and browsed the stores. We noticed lots of moms walking their babies on the bike path. Then they stopped on the Common or to have a snack in one of the many cafes.

Downtown Lexington is so pretty! Visit soon while you can still sit outside. And if you treat yourself to get your brows done, tell Elena baystateparent said hi!

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