Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make Washcloth "Cupcakes" for Baby!

When we saw the washcloth-cupcakes that Staci LaTurno, baystateparent’s account executive, made for her friend’s baby gift, we had to pass it along. You don’t even need to get your Martha Stewart on with this one (but it will look like you did) because if you can roll, you can make a gourmet gift fitting for such a special birthday.

Washcloth cupcakes are inexpensive and easy to create:

  • Simply take a 12-cup plastic cupcake container (Staci picked hers up at a local grocery store for only $0.50) and fill it with colorful cupcake liners (they already come in baby colors).
  • Roll the 12 individual washcloths and place in the lined cupcake container.
  • Now add some finishing touches to dress up the “cupcakes” (Staci used scrapbooking bows, but hair clips and ribbons could be used for a little girl).
  • For extra detail, add baby socks inside of each “cupcake” or include a gift card.
  • Finally wrap it all up with a pretty bow, and it’s good to go!

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crush. blog said...

vwery cute idea! who doesn't love cupcakes?!