Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look What Readers Learned in our March issue!

baystateparent asked readers to tell us four things they learned that they didn't know before in our March Baby issue. (This was announced on our Facebook page. If you are not a member, JOIN! We give away lots of free things and share timely family information).

One reader received a family four-pack to Co Co Key Water Park for responding (valued at $80). Congratulations to Julie Siciliano!
Here are some of the responses. Did you learn something new? 

1. Didn't know Portrait Simple did pictures with REAL bunnies!!!
2. That they make retractable driveway guards - definitely will be purchasing one of those
3. That Barney will in Lowell next month
4. That kids under 17 are free at the Worcester Art Museum.
Candice Nutter, baystateparent reader

1. How to make rhubarb crumble... (May have to try this instead of my regular cobbler this year)
2. Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet - I didn't know they existed! How!
3. That a limousine company would pick up new parents and baby at the hospital and deliver them home in style. Who knew?
4. Higgins Armory has summer camp.
Melissa Platt, baystateparent reader 
1. Portait Simple does pictures with live Bunnies (my daughter will love that!).
2.The comfy shampoo lounger looks like an amazing must have for new moms:)
3.The Worcester Art Museum will be on my to-do list March!
4.Retractable Driveway Guard is a GREAT invention and will be in my driveway this Spring!
Christine Army, baystateparent reader 
1. Loved being reminded of the idea of rubbing breast milk on baby scratches!
2. As always, I love the Moms Rock! feature and love reading about and learning from amazing moms. I love Barefoot Books, so it was great to learn more about Nancy Traversy
3. I had no idea about the teething bracelet either...what a great idea!
4. Not much a fan of corned beef and cabbage, so the recipe for Dubliner Shepherd's Pie will be a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day dinner!
Laura Pagington, baystateparent 
!. Kids under 17 are free at the Worcester Art Museum- here we come!
2. Shampoo Lounger? great idea
3. Barney will be coming to Lowell
4. Portraits with live bunnies at Portrait Simple!!!

...I also have to add that I loved the story about camp for special needs children. BSP is so full of useful infromation, much appreciated!
Maria Gross, baystateparent

‎1.  Didn't know kids under 17 are free at the Worcester Art Museum.
2. Definitely looking into a retractable driveway guard!
3. My kids aren't teething anymore, but I have friends with babies, so the Teething bracelet is a great idea to pass ...on to them.
4. Didn't know you can use breast milk on baby scratches. Is there anything breast milk CAN'T do??
Laura Wetherbee, baystateparent

1. Nine-year-olds are sexting-thought I was safe a few more years.
2. Breast milk prevents infection and promotes healing.
3. You can register for meals as part of your baby registry...?!
4. A law was passed in December banning drop-side cribs.
Cheri Nordstrom, baystateparent reader

1. Babies that are strongly attached to their blankies seem to adjust better to anxiety producing situations. I had to read this whole article because I was a complete blanky lover back in the day. As soon as my baby was born and I found out it was a girl I pulled out my trusty blankie for her. Can't deny that I still love that blanket. So many memories!
2. That exists. Such a great idea! Will remember that for the next baby shower I attend.
3. That some bottle warmers actually make the milk in the bottle too warm for babies. This actually made me feel a little better about never buying one. I always use a mug of warm water.
4. That Bum Boosa Bamboo baby wipes company plants a tree for every package sold.
Julie Siciliano, baystateparent reader
More Emailed from our Readers
1. How wonderful for the parents of special needs children to be able to enjoy a summer camp too!
2. About the teddy bear clinic at the Greendale mall! I will definitely  be taking my daughter!
3. That kids 17 and under are free at the Worcester Art Museum
4. How absolutly beautiful my son looks in your captured section! Madden Kilmer! Thank you so much for putting his picture in! We love it! 
1. I learned that the Providence Dhildren's Museum celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday with Seussational activities for kids!
2. You can get a limo ride home from the hospital with your newborn by calling Sky Limousine. How fun! I may look into this I'd I am ever blessed with another baby.
3. I was so excited to learn the cake decorating tip at the end of the magazine stating that if you put a thin layer of frosting on your cake, then freeze for a half hour, you can take it out and finish frosting like a professional- with no crumbs!
4. I did not know that you can rub a few drops of breastmilk on a cut your baby may give herself with those super sharp newborn fingernails.  I'll be buying The Baby Nurse Bible for my pregnant friends!


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