Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking for Survey Questions for our New Web site (coming soon)

baystateparents, I am looking for some survey questions to include in our new
Online poll for our upcoming revamped Web site (details about this exciting new
bsp development coming soon...working hard on it right now.)
What is something you would really like to know about other parents in Massachusetts?
The poll will be completely anonymous and just a very quick click to vote.
No sign-ups required, and you see results instantly about where other parents fall on the pie chart.
Poll questions can be about issues in our state, fun "just curious questions," etc.
Tell us: what would be really interesting to know?
A random brainstorm follows my signature. Of course, we'll think of questions relating to articles
and issues that come up in the magazine and on the news as well as local questions about
parenting in Massachusetts.
Please add some ideas here or on Facebook. Search

When no one is looking, I....

throw the kids' toys away
take a sip from the sippie cup

I shouldn't admit this, but I often let my kids...
ride their bikes without their helmets.
eat sugar cereal for breakfast.
not use their booster seats in the car.
none of the above

I can honestly say I have never...

sniffed my child's diaper
tasted breastmilk
spanked my child

If there were a summer camp for moms, I would want to...

be alone most of the time, reading and relaxing
learn how to do something new
go with my friends and have lots of "girl" time

If I had to pick a favorite household chore, it would be...

I wish other parents would just admit that they...

The biggest challenge my family faces....

My family has too many...
stuffed animals

My biggest pet peeve is...
stuffed animals

The one thing I can't get a handle on in our home is
toy control
all of the above

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Anonymous said...

I would like to know of any parents with children with NVLD. I really need a support group to connect with to help my child. I would also like to know resources to help a child with anxiety. There are tons of mental/emotional/learning difficulties that could be addressed in both parents and kids that could end up being a specific secion in your magazine. I would also like to see a regular article on crafts/projects to to with your child that are labeled by age. Also mu kids would love it if your brought back the coloring pages for a contest. Thanks for listening!