Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Attack of the B Movies!


National Amusements, Inc., announced today the launch of Attack of the B Movies, a campy new movie program designed to take you back to the days of drive-in horror movies. The program offers a double feature of the “best” B movies ever made. The series runs every Thursday at 7 p.m. from September 20 – October 25, 2007 at Showcase Cinemas Worcester North. Tickets are $5 each for the double feature and may be purchased at the theatre, by phone at 860-646-9800, or online at www.nationalamusements.com
B movies are recognized as an important stage in Hollywood film history. Actors and filmmakers learned their crafts and the talents of many respected stars, directors, and even a U.S. president, were cultivated while making these campy films. B movie fans will also enjoy a specially designed Halloween Night grand finale, Screecher Feature Quadruple Bypass Marathon. The frightening four film “scarathon” begins on Wednesday, Oct. 31 at 6 p.m. with White Zombie, followed by Chamber of Horrors: Door with Seven Locks, The Satanic Rites of Dracula, and concludes with Night of the Living Dead.

Following is the Attack of the B Movies film schedule:
Sept. 20 - The Wasp Woman/Monster from Green Hell
Sept. 27 - The Giant Gila Monster/Gammera the Invincible
Oct. 4 - The Brain That Wouldn’t Die/Screaming Skull
Oct. 11 - Attack of the Giant Leeches/Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
Oct. 18 - The Terror/House on Haunted Hill
Oct. 25 - The Last Man on Earth/Devil Girl from Mars

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