Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sing With Girl Authority - EXCLUSIVE CONTEST!!!

This morning, Metro West-based Girl Authority had their national television debut on CBS The Early Show.
The pop princesses, who are featured inside Bay State Parent magazine's 12th Annual Arts Guide in the September issue, were presented as a signing group that parents could be proud to have their children listen to and look up to as role models.
Girl Authority is a group of nine girls (ages 10-15), each with an individual identity that ties into their own personality....
Party Girl Kate
Urban Girl Gina
Fashion Girl Alex
Glamour Girl Carly
Preppy Girl Zoe
Boho Girl Jess
All-Star Girl Jacqueline
Rock and Roll Girl Tarr
Country Girl Crystal

Bay State Parent magazine is holding an exclusive contest in which two lucky girls can perform with Girl Authority at one of its shows at the 17th Annual Kidsfest at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton on Saturday, Sept 22.
* 10 lucky runner-ups each will receive a copy of the group's latest CD Road Trip.
* Each of the two grand prize winners will also receive a copy of the CD, plus a Girl Authority t-shirt, poster, and two admission tickets to KidsFest.

To enter: Massachusetts girls, between the ages of 6-16, need to create their own identity in 250 words or less AND submit a digital photograph image of themselves as that image.
(Complete rules:

Submit entries online to:
Parents: please send e-mail with your child's description of her identity and a jpeg image of her dressed as that identify, no later than Saturday, Sept. 15 at 11:59 p.m.

Mail entries to: Girl Authority Contest c/o Bay State Parent magazine, 800 Main Street, Holden, 01520.
Entries must be postmarked by Tuesday, Sept .11 to be considered.
Please include a phone number or e-mail address for notification of winners.

Winners will be notified on Monday, Sept. 17

To read Bay State Parent magazine's profile on the "Princesses of Pop" click here:
For individual profiles on each of the nine members of Girl Authority, click here:


Heather said...

Gah, each girl's "unique personality" my left toe. It's the same old "boy band formula" just with girls, and all emphasizing looks and shopping. This is the last thing I'd be proud of letting my child listen to, the idea that you have to fit into one neat little box of likes and dislikes.

I'm sure this will no be posted since it's not a positive response, but in case it gets through, if you read this sort of thing and get a sick little feeling in your stomach - or if you think I'm full of whiny badness - either way, I can't recommend the book "Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers' Schemes" highly enough.

Lori said...

The girls in this group seem to have been reduced to one dementional, dressed up paper dolls. I'm sure they each have more to offer than what is being presented and it would do my daughter an injustice to model herself after girls who allow themselves to be marketed in such a limited manner.

Anonymous said...

The Girl Authority girls are absolutely great role models for young girls. Theses girls are smart, talented, and kind individuals. I am proud to say my daughter likes Girls Authority!!