Monday, May 4, 2009

Cleaning Service? Could it Simplify Our Lives?

My husband actually took me to see a condo this weekend in an effort to simplify our lives. The household chores take away so much from one another and the kids. We miss each other. Any one else feeling this way?
While the condo wasn't for us (just an impulsive, desperate dream), it got me thinking. If we love the idea of someone taking care of our house and would pay condo fees, why not pay "fees" right now and bring in some help?
So...we don't have any extra money. I never thought we could afford a cleaning service, but I am beginning to wonder if there is some way that we could. I'd like to try out a cleaning service for Mother's Day and see what it's like. I know so many families (many whom you wouldn't even expect) have cleaning teams.
I would love to focus more on family and mealtimes and other things than working in all of our free time on the house.
It's so hard.
Any thoughts on cleaning services? Is it worth it?
Carrie Wattu, editor

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Anonymous said...

I have 5 children and difficult pregnancies and am on a budget with one income from my husband. Could not pay 20 Dollars an hour for a cleaning service and did not like the idea of a flat fee. I went to the cafeteria and the library of a college near by and placed an ad in Sptember saying Busy Mom looking for help freshman prefered: cleaning, some ironing and occasional babysitting once a week for three hours. Offered 10 dollars an hour. Got several responses, each one would work at my house once and I founded a wonderful freshman girl, she worked for me 4 years, and I hosted her graduation party. She really helped me. I was nice too her, flexible as of the day she would come, and was ok when before her final exams she had to study and would not come, nor during vacation time. The children liked her too. She learned my way of cleaning and knew the house like me and knew what to do. Very positive experience that I would recommand to you.