Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Plant your Pumpkins Now: Get Seeds Here!

By Lauren Passaretti, baystateparent Intern

These are not your average pumpkin seeds. They come from a locally grown 406lb pumpkin!
Spencer Carlin, 17, of Milford, MA had a vision while tending to his prize-winning pumpkin, creating a charity that would donate all profit of pumpkin seeds to a family in needL Pumpkins for a Purpose (PFAP).
His first "Pumpkin Patch Family" is from Milford, a family of four with two young daughters: Rachael, age 10, and Hannah, age 3.
Rachael was born needing three heart surgeries, and unfortunately after her third surgery, Rachael suffered from cardiac arrest and a catastrophic stroke. Rachael now has severe brain damage and every day struggles with uncontrolled epilepsy. Although everyday activities are challenging for Rachael, she manages to stay upbeat and caring, communicating through pictures and sign language. Her family is constantly searching for ways to keep her connected and actively participating in “regular kid stuff.” For Rachael this means riding her “big red bike.” However, Rachael has now outgrown her bike and without help from insurance, her family does not have the financial means to purchase another specially made tricycle.
Spencer hopes to make this possible though, and you can help. Minimum donation for a seed is $8.00; remember these are coming from an award-winning pumpkin! To purchase your own seed or to make a donation, simply make a check payable to Spencer Carlin and send it to him at 42 Bowdoin Drive, Milford, MA 01757
One seed per person due to limited supply.
By donating to Pumpkins for a Purpose in its first year, you can help this charity thrive and be able to adopt pumpkin patch families for years to come!

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