Friday, July 27, 2007

August Issue at the Printers!

Yesterday, we completed the August issue and sent it to the printers. It should begin arriving at more than 800+ locations in Eastern & Central Massachusetts next week.
Inside this 88-page issue is the 12th Annual Back-to-School Guide. Also inside August, we unveil two new departments - Working Moms & Sporting Around.
Working Moms will focus on the unique situations moms face balancing career and family, identify time and stress savers to make the most of family time, provide career advice (i.e., Should I consider flex time? Should I telecommute?), and profile real working moms.
Sporting Around will highlight trends, explain new medical concerns & breakthroughs, provide experts’ advice and tips, coaching information, etc. August's Sporting Around celebrates a century of swimming lessons at local YMCAs.
If you have ideas for either department, please drop me an e-mail at

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