Monday, July 16, 2007

Beautiful Day (and night) at America's Oldest Public Beach!

Saturday, my family & I sent the afternoon & evening at Revere Beach. We attended the New England Sand Sculpture Festival. The most impressive sculpture was the one by Sean Fitzpatrick and his Fitzy Snowman Sculpting team with its Pirates of the Caribbean theme. The Massachusetts-based sculpting team not only perfectly created the characters from the movie trilogy but also carved each of the sponsor's names or logos into the impressive display.
The competing sculptures were awesome too. The winner was a couple sculpture titled the "apology." The people's choice winner was the angry fishes creation. For more info, visit
Later that night, beachgoers were treated to a 20-minute fireworks display.
It was a great FREE event for families.
For other inexpensive and free things to do with your family this month, check out this article inside the July issue of Bay State Parent magazine ---

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