Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Did you ever wish for a few moments that you could magically split yourself in two? A double of me really would have come in handy the last weeks of June. For many teachers the end of a school year means finalizing grades, filling out report cards, boxing up items, reorganizing and tidying...and saying goodbye to class members who have become more like extended family during those 180 days.
Emotions run high and the atmosphere thickens with meloncholy. Children sense the freedoms of summer looming while their parents fear losing scheduled structure.
Even though the countdown 'til the end begins on the first day, there is always surprise when the last day finally arrives. The odd sensation settles in your belly the minute you wake~ feeling something like Christmas morning.
Excitement and anticipation grow with the passing of each hour, until the final bell...
Rarely looking back, giddy children rush for the doors, while somewhere in a darkened classroom a teacher reflects on a year filled with accomplishments and gratitude.

~Amy Benoit

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