Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet our Calendar Editor: Leslie Castillo!

Age: 43

Married to: Cesar (isn't that a great name for the spouse of a Latin teacher?)

Kids: Daniel (12), Thomas (10)

Occupation: Latin Teacher, Calendar Editor, Writer

1. I am the queen of summer. Ice, cold, snow are definite kryptonite to me.

2. Best part of the day: When the bus arrives and I get to talk to Daniel and Thomas about their day.

3. What you'll never buy again. A minivan. I've been together with mine for too long now.

4. Favorite household chore: All of them! Just kidding. I love to cook and especially to bake, so I don't consider them chores.

5. A favorite birthday tradition: Every year growing up my mom had what I called a "string" present for me. She wrapped a box and all the presents inside were also wrapped and attached to a string. It was the greatest thing ever, knowing you could pull the string and not knowing what present would be next!

6. What's the easiest thing about juggling work and family? Is there one? I must have missed that memo. No seriously, I am so very fortunate that I have my parents and that Cesar is such a big help. Also, I have the same schedule as my kids so I have never had to rely on daycare.

7. List three words your kids would use to describe you: silly, there for us, loving.

8. I always tell my kids every day with you is a gift.

9. What's the hardest part of juggling work and family? Trying to fit enough sleep into the equation.

10. A mom that I admire is my mom, of course. My mom Carol is amazing! She has the biggest heart in the world, never slows down, and is elegant, beautiful and kind.

11. Why raising a family in MA is great: In addition to having so much history, excellent colleges and universities, and a change of seasons, we are also geographically close to other states like CT, VT, NH, ME, NY, and RI. This makes the option of exploring other places via car very do-able. As my brother-in-law is quick to remind me, it takes close to 12 hours to get from one end of Florida to the other.

12. Our two favorite places to go are the Museum of Science and Rockport. The kids have been going into Boston with Cesar on a regular basis since they were very young. I'm certain they could get around better in Boston than I could. Rockport is always a fun day trip since we go to the beach and explore our favorite shops.

13. A message for other moms: You're doing a great job.

14. Current family obsessions: Nightly nerf gun wars. It's the kids vs. us and we NEVER win. Also, swimming remains a constant.

15. I love May because the winter is OVER!

16. Best thing about the town you are raising your children. I think Wayland is beautiful It's close enough to everything but it is so scenic with many parks, trails, and rivers. Also, the Wayland teachers are wonderful - my sons have been very fortunate.

17. I want to celebrate mother's day by spending time with my parents, C, and the boys. Doesn't much matter what we do.

18. There's no such thing as slowing down.

19. What makes me a better mom is my kids' smile. May sound goofy but seeing them happy makes me realize that time together is truly the best gift. The laundry may never be caught up, my closet may always look like the abyss, but every day I learn so much by hanging out with my guys.

20. How do you celebrate your kids' birthdays: We are prone to pool parties or Lazer Zone although this year we visited the NY Comic-con as a family when Daniel turned 12.

21. I never thought that as a parent that my kids would be as tall as me when they turned 10 and 12!

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