Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boston Dog Event

baystateparent received this release for your dog (and you!). Looks like fun...

The time for us Mighty Dogs to be recognized has come! Join us in celebrating the dawn of a new Nation – a Nation that is of the Mighty, by the Mighty and for the Mighty.

You and your humans are invited to the launch of the Mighty Dog Nation, the first and only Nation for dogs!

1-3 P.M.
Saturday, April 4
Peters Park (in the South End)
1277 Washington Street, Boston

Mighty Moments at the launch include:
- Joining of the Nation and getting your FREE* Citizenship Kit full of Mighty good stuff!
- Commemorating your citizenship with keepsake photos!
- Learning how to audition for "Mighty Dog Nation: The Movie"!
- Marking your paw on the Mighty Dog Nation Bill of Rights!
- And walking your human in the first ever March of the Mighty Dog Nation!

It’s FREE, but you have to wear a leash (no biggie, we’re all civilized in the Mighty Dog Nation).

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