Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go Trish Go!

Did anyone go to the Boston Marathon on Monday?
I saw Trish Reske, baystateparent freelancer and coach, at Mile 15...looking good...looking strong. In fact, Trish qualified for next year's marathon by running in under 4 hours for her age group. That's the real deal.
Now that Trish has run her 26.1, she's going to help us run 3.1 on June 20th in Hopkinton for the Sharon Timlin 5K.
If you want to join the baystateparent team (or need more info, search "Sharon Timlin 5K" in our
blog), e-mail to sign up by April 30th.
Trish is going to coach us via e-mail and facebook (if you are on
Hey everybody, I took a walk today! It wasn't easy. I had a million things to do so that I could get to work: It's press week! But...I took that walk, and it felt great.
Thank you Boston Marathon!

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