Thursday, April 30, 2009

Closet Contest

The winner of the baystateparent Closet Facelift from Alisa Neely at Scout, valued at $375, is Erika McDonald of Maynard.

Congratulations Erika!!! Meet Erika here as well as some of the fabulous moms who wrote to us.

Erika is mom to 19-month-old Anna and the assistant director of admissions for Harvard Kennedy School, the graduate school for public policy at Harvard University.

She writes:

"I was lucky enough to take a 10 month leave of absence from my job. Needless to say, when I went back to work in September of 2008, my non-maternity wardrobe was tired-looking. In fact, I hadn't worn non-maternity professional clothes in almost two years!

Every morning I lose a battle with my closet because my work wardrobe is either bordering on out of style, or doesn't fit quite right. I have to rotate two suits, while trying to mix in some other pieces to try to create 'dressier' outfits. It's the sad truth that your body never does return to the exact shape it was before baby. Items are either baggy where they shouldn't be, tight around the waist or too short. I have bought a few items, but money is tight since I'm back to work part-time.

I would love to rediscover some key, timeless pieces in my own closet that can be re-purposed, and learn how to select sweaters, shirts or pants that match the existing wardrobe I own."

baystateparent hopes to share Erika's closet facelift with you in a future issue.

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