Thursday, October 11, 2007

Online Emotional Support Community for Cancer Patients & Survivors

First Dedicated Comprehensive Online Emotional Support Community for Cancer Patients, Survivors and Caregivers Unveiled by Experience Project

In tandem with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Experience Project, the leading online life experience-sharing community, announced the public launch of the Cancer Support Project (, the first online cancer support platform dedicated to providing 24/7 emotional support around a cancer diagnosis. More traditionally, the community also offers a place for sharing fact-based knowledge and offers resources to help those facing this frightening and pervasive condition.
Harnessing the power of “user-generated healthcare” and the Health 2.0 revolution, which combines static, authoritative content with user-generated stories and interactive, personalized support, cancer patients, caregivers, and loved ones can now freely use Cancer Support Project to share genuine experiences related to cancer with others who understand their exact situation. In so doing, members often benefit from reduced stress and anxiety, and increased hope knowing they are not alone in their challenges.
Differing from most online venues, Cancer Support Project encourages users to share their stories anonymously and enables people to easily find each other through shared experiences around cancer that can be expressed under group titles like “I lost my mother to cancer” or “I survived cancer."
In doing so, the emphasis shifts from traditional therapeutic and symptomatic information to enabling users to connect with others that truly understand what they are going through psychologically -- be it diagnosis, treatment, caregiving, survival and/or loss -- and can provide highly personalized support.
Anonymity is required in public spaces of the Cancer Support Project to encourage free expression without fear, though users are free to share personal contact information amongst each other if they eventually feel safe in doing so.
Launched by Experience Project (, the Cancer Support Project leverages the powerful support community platform of the Experience Project, a place where hundreds of thousands of members connect anonymously through their shared life experiences. Experience Project also provides a place to get positive emotional support around all of life’s experiences, and reminds us that no matter what direction our life goes, we are not alone. This is particularly appreciated by members going through tougher life experiences, such as a cancer diagnosis or witnessing a loved one who must face the disease.

About Cancer Support Project: Cancer Support Project is an online cancer community enabling cancer patients, survivors, and loved ones to connect with others who share their specific experiences, combining truly personalized emotional support with traditional aspects of online health resources. Organizational launch partners including Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation, FamiliesCAN, Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, and the Susan Cohan Kasdas Colon Cancer Foundation.

CSP is a part of the Experience Project, the leading online life experience-sharing community. Experience Project allows people to meaningfully connect with others through multiple anonymously-shared experiences, instead of their existing social networks. Experience Project provides a platform for members to connect with others who understand by sharing experiences, enabling truly personalized support and the formation of meaningful new friendships. The Cancer Support Project can be found at Experience Project can be found at

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