Monday, October 29, 2007

Stay in School or Skip School for Red Sox World Series Parade?

Last time the Red Sox won the World Series - 2004 - the celebration parade was on a Saturday.
This year, the "Rolling Rally" Parade will take place Tuesday (tomorrow) at noon.

So the biggest question for parents is should you allow your child to skip school?
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Below is facts about the parade route from the Associated Press:
The city of Boston will host a rolling rally for the World Series champion Red Sox beginning at noon. The team will be carried on amphibious vehicles (Boston Duck Boat Tours) from Fenway Park, down Boylston Street and through Copley Square. They will follow Boylston along the lower part of Boston Common then turn left onto Tremont and continue past City Hall Plaza.
The parade will pause at three spots - Copley, across from the Parkman Bandstand at Boston Common and at City Hall - so closer Jonathan Papelbon can dance his now-famous Irish jig on a flatbed truck, accompanied by Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys. There will be large TV screens set up at each location.
Unlike in the 2004 victory parade, the duck boats will not enter the Charles River.
The parade will end at New Chardon and Cambridge Streets.


Anonymous said...

my kids are staying in school and I'll be taping the parade for them to watch when theyget home

Anonymous said...

My son and my husband are skipping. We're heading into Boston just like we did in 2004!!

Anonymous said...

My boys are going to school and they are not happy with me. I too will be taping the parade for them (and my husband.) At least then, they can experience the evnt over and over.

Samantha said...

Society places too much value on sports as is and too little value on education. It would have been nice if the parade was scheduled later in the day or on saturday, but as it is on a school day that's where mythree kids will be -- at school!

Cindy said...

We went to the parade. It was AWESOME!!!!
This has only happened twice in my lifetime and I thought it would be okay for my son & daughter to miss a day of school. I never got an opportunity like this when I was in school!

Heather said...

I'll consider letting my daughter skip school to see a parade the day it's for multi-millionaire teachers being rewarded for changing children's lives.

Anonymous said...

The entire family skipped work and school day. The parade was wicked awesome. The kids saw their heroes up close. We had an awesome time. It was a once ina lifetime event and one day of school doesn't matter that much - think of it this way they were having a history and phys ed lesson.