Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RECALL: Model Rockets Due to Impact Injury

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation Estes-Cox Corp of Colorado, today announced a voluntary recall of about 80,000 X-15 Flying Model Rockets. The model rocket’s side or engine retainer ring can separate and cause the rocket to fall without the nose cone separating and the parachute deploying, posing a risk of an impact injury to nearby consumers. Estes-Cox has received seven reports of the side or engine retainer ring separating and the nose and parachute failing to release and 25 reports of the retainer ring being lost during flight, including one report that a consumer was struck in the arm, requiring surgery. This recall involves the X-15 flying model rocket, a 1:44 scale version of the North American Aviation hypersonic rocket plane. The model rockets are about 13.5-inches long and have a wingspan of about 5 inches. The rockets are black and yellow, and have the number 66670 on the tail. The rockets were sold individually (item #1890) and as part of a starter kit (item #1412). The item number is printed on the product’s instruction sheet and above the bar code on the product’s packaging. They were sold at hobby stores and other retailers nationwide from June 2005 through July 2007 for between $16 and $36 and manufactured in China.
Consumers should stop using the recalled rockets immediately and contact Estes-Cox for instructions on receiving a replacement product. For additional information, contact Estes-Cox at 800-576-5811 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Mountain time Monday through Friday, or visit http://www.estesrockets.com/recallandsafety.php

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