Saturday, April 14, 2007

Doodlebops Dance & Sing into the Bay State for First Concert

The Doodlebops, straight from their hit TV show on Playhouse Disney, performed two shows at the Lynn Memorial Auditorium this afternoon. The crowd (of which, a majority was 2-6 year olds, most at their first-ever rock concert) danced and bopped for the 90-minute concert. Deedee, Rooney, and Moe Doodle got on a bus (Yes, one did drive onto the stage with Bus Driver Bob,) sang, and danced for the crowd, which included many Deedee and other Doodle look-a-likes.
During the concert, Moe pulled the roped, Deedee was a Queen for a Day, and Rooney rocked on his guitar. The trio performed many of the songs from their popular television show and bestselling DVDs and CDs, including: I Can Dance, Hold Your Horses, Let's Get Loud (of which the audience did), Wobbly Woopsie, The Bird Song 2006, Get On The Bus, and Together Forever.

If you have never seen the PlayhouseDisney show, produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment in Canada, the Doodlebops are a trio of siblings, whom just happened to be rock stars. Their songs are engaging and even you will find yourself humming them, even if you don't want too. During the show Rooney tried to engage the adult audience members. First, he commented on a man in the second row being a brave soul for wearing a NY Yankees baseball cap in Red Sox country. And then later, when the bus screeched onto stage, and someone asked what that noise was? Rooney suggested "Sanjaya" from American Idol.

This is the Doodlebops first tour. They were travelling to 80 cities and Lynn was their only Massachusetts stop.

Photos from the Doodlebops first Bay State concert are posted at the magazine's photo gallery. Click on the gallery link on the right of this page to view and order photos or click on this link:

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