Friday, April 6, 2007

Fantastic Day in Boston Sports Today

Okay, I'm not a huge baseball fan, but who in Boston didn't want to see Dice-K win his first game in a Red Sox uniform. This afternoon, he struck out 10 batters in 7 innings, as the team went on to win 4-1 over the Kansas City Royals. Perhaps, Daisuke Matsuzaka is truly worth the $100+ million the Red Sox paid for him.

And tonight, Boston College's men's hockey team outscored North Dakota 6-4, to advance to the NCAA Championship game Saturday night. After two periods, the two teams, who have met several times at the Frozen Four in the past five years were tied 2-2. With seven minutes to go, Boston College and North Dakota scored 6 goals - three goals in the final minute. (Even, non-hockey fans love that type of shoot out.)
BC will face off against Michigan State for the right to be #1.

Sports are a terrific activity for children.
Not only do they teach children lessons on teamwork, winning & losing, and self-esteem; sports can help children to manage time and support a healthy lifestyle.
Considering the alarming statistics on childhood obesity (Check out Bay State Parent's special report:, sports is an ideal way to get children off the couch, away from video games, and actually exercising.

One of the most popular sports for boys & girls in Massachusetts, under the age of 13, is not baseball nor hockey, but soccer.
According to the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (, more than 185,000 children in Massachusetts play youth soccer annually. Many community soccer programs will begin its spring season this month.
To learn more about soccer's popularity in Massachusetts, check out the magazine's report last fall:

In the meantime, here's hoping for the Red Sox to win another World Series and for my alma mater to win another national hockey title. Go BC!

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