Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Search of a Camp for Your Child This Summer?

Is your child outgoing? Does your child like sports? The arts? Could your child handle an overnight stay? Whatever interests your child has, there is a camp out there for them to enjoy during the summer, whether it's a day camp for a few weeks or a residential camp for the whole summer. But with so many choices for camps these days, choosing a camp may be a daunting task. Camp directors agree that talking with your child about their expectations is a good place to start when choosing a camp. "Parents and children may have different goals in mind when it comes to their camp experience," said Lucy Norvell, director of public information for the American Camp Association in Lexington. "There may have to be some compromises and then parents can compare their family's wants to the camps out there."
For example, Norvell said, a child may excel in a sport so parents may want to send them to a sports camp all summer. But the child might not want to go to a sports camp all summer - they might want to go to a traditional camp, with a variety of programs that a friend went to the summer before.
"That's why we suggest parents have a conversation about camp with their child to see what options are out there," Norvell said. "Cost and geography may limit options, but at least having the conversation is a start."
With numerous camp options that include co-ed camps, residential camps, and day camps, parents may not be sure their child would be ready for those experiences. But camp directors agree that children can be more ready for residential camps than their parents' may think.
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