Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 6: Dirty Dog Wash Holds Fundraiser for Greyhound Friends

On Sunday, April 6, The Dirty Dog Wash will donate $5 of every regularly priced dog wash directly to Greyhound Friends.
The self-serve facility is located on Route 109, across from Choate Park in the newly renovated Medway Mills, at 165 Main Street in Medway. The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All breeds of dogs are welcome and no appointment is necessary.
Greyhound Friends (www.greyhound.org) is a non-profit organization located in Hopkinton and dedicated to saving racetrack greyhound by placing them in responsible, loving homes. Since its inception in 1983, they have adopted out over 6,000 dogs. Greyhound Friends is a no-kill shelter and houses twenty dogs at their kennel. They rely on volunteers and donations to keep their operations running.
The Dirty Dog Wash plans to offer a similar event on the first Sunday of every month. The owners have been volunteering for Greyhound Friends for over 12 years and have adopted numerous greyhounds over the years.
"It was a natural choice to benefit Greyhound Friends and the wonderful work that they do for our first fundraising event. There are always so many wonderful greyhounds available since they are bred so often and we would like to help them cover veterinary, food, and shelter expenses as much as possible," said owner Fred Fontaine.
The Dirty Dog Wash is a self-serve dog wash where owners can take their pets for a warm full-service wash and dry.
There are four stations containing waist-high tubs, high-speed air dryers (no heat to harm sensitive skin), and all shampoo and grooming tools. All tubs are cleaned and disinfected between washes by an attendant who is also available to help larger dogs into the tub by the ramp. Aprons and gloves are readily available so that you don’t take a bath as well and nail clippers, scissors, ear & eye wipes are at each station so that you can give the full works. The facility makes it easy to come in with a dirty dog and leave with a fresh, dry and clean one.

The Dirty Dog Wash, which opened on Feb. 12, has been accommodating many area dogs, as large as Newfoundlands and Great Danes, as well as several greyhounds (including the owners’ own two greyhounds). For more information, please call 508-533-2833 or visit www.thedirtydogwash.com.

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