Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Circus is in Beantown!

Pop the cork, toss the confetti, let the revelry begin — the Big Apple Circus, celebrating its 30th Anniversary season, proudly presents Celebrate! — a brand–new show under its famous Big Top tent! In the intimate, theatrical focus of Big Apple Circus’s single ring, the world’s greatest performers are throwing a birthday bash — it’s the Big Three-Oh, and you’re invited! There’ll be hula–hoops on swinging hips and flashy juggling wonders, capering dogs and high–prancing horses, soaring aerial acrobats, hilarious hi-jinks, amazing feats of strength and agility — and no one sits more than 50 feet from ringside, so even if you’re really small you won’t miss a thing! With a live, original musical score, a chic British ringmistress, and of course our own lovable Grandma the Clown, the Big Apple Circus is back in Beantown through May 4.

Artistic and Creative Directors Paul Binder and Michael Christensen have gathered an amazing cast of extraordinary performers, who will bring thrills and delight from ten countries around the globe:
* From England, the internationally–acclaimed Yasmine Smart heralds the Belle Epoque of Classical Circus with a dazzling display of equestrian elegance!
* From Ireland, the Huesca Brothers – Nikolai and Giovanni – perform a fanciful Risley act, with Nikolai launched in heart-stopping flips off Giovanni’s flashy feet!
* From Russia, the astounding Kovgar Troupe returns by popular demand, in two acts, joyously jumping rope and rocketing to the top of the tent from their teeterboards!
* From Switzerland, lauded as the finest solo juggler alive, and returning to the Big Apple Circus after a dozen seasons, the mischievous and jazzy Kris Kremo!
* From Russia, the enchanting exotic beauty of Bollywood, the whirling, swirling, twirling hula-hoop artistry of Yelena Larkina!
* From China, with extreme elegance and pinpoint poise, the serene Cong Tian returns to the ring with his incredible balancing feats on a slim slack-wire!
* From America, our beloved Grandma (Barry Lubin), iconic clown of Big Apple Circus’s Department of Laughter, and International Clown Hall of Fame inductee!
* From Russia, Irina Markova returns to the Big Apple Circus with her tremendously talented troupe of devilish dogs and cavorting cats!
* From Italy, international star and clown prince of the world, the celebrated and hilarious Fumagalli makes at long last his American debut, with his brother–in–hilarity Daris!
* From England, the ringmistress of the legendary Great Yarmouth Hippodrome, charismatic and charming, Carrie Harvey comes to host the celebration in the circle!
And the incomparable Big Apple Circus Company, with Andrey Mantchev (Bulgaria), Virgile Peyramaure (France), and Sarah Schwarz (Germany) in a superlative “living statue” balancing act, and Regina Dobrovitskaya (Russia), Christian Atayde Stoinev (America) and Valdis Yanovskis (Russia), add their inimitable aerial and acrobatic skills to the festivities, augmented by dazzling dancer Katie Jane Jones (England)!
Performances began this past weekend -- before the Big Top closes on May 4th, 55 shows will have been performed at the circus' new location, City Hall Plaza.
Tickets range in price from $15 to $62 for weekend and weekday evening shows, and from $20 to $26 for 11 a.m. weekday matinees. Premium seating for $100 is available for Saturday, Sunday, and all School Vacation Week (April 22-25) shows. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster at 617- 931-2787, ticketmaster.com and at all Ticketmaster outlets.

PICTURED RIGHT-- From Russia, Irina Markova returns to the Big Top with her tremendously talented troupe of devilish dogs and cavorting cat in "Celebrate!" the all-new 30th anniversary show of the Big Apple Circus!(Photo credit: Bertrand Guay/Big Apple Circus)
PICTURED LEFT -- From the Department of Laughter, the beloved Grandma the Clown (Barry Lubin) returns to the in "Celebrate!" the all-new 30th Anniversary show of the Big Apple Circus!(Photo credit: Bertrand Guay/Big Apple Circus)

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