Sunday, April 6, 2008

REVIEW: My Son Loved Go Diego Go Show

As soon as my son Thomas, 4, heard we were going to see Diego, he couldn’t stop asking me about it. He is a huge fan of the 8-year-old boy who goes on animal rescue adventures. It was also the first time we were going on a train to Boston, so Thomas could barely contain his excitement.
As a fan of the television show Go Diego Go, Thomas was well aware of all the characters including Baby Jaguar, Diego’s sister Alicia, the Bobo Monkeys, and his cousin Dora. He was so excited when the show started and he sat wide-eyed and attentive throughout the whole show.
The theatre show at The Opera House in Boston this weekend, which featured real actors as the characters, was lively, entertaining, and encouraged participation from the audience. Each child was given a Baby Jaguar mask when the sat in their seat and was asked to jump like a jaguar, scratch like a jaguar and growl.
The songs were energetic and filled with motions that the children in the audience could follow along. And the story line included a search for Baby Jaguar’s growl that had been taken by the Bobo Monkeys.
The sets were well designed beautifully, and the animal puppets were entertaining as well as amazing to watch. The show lasted over an hour with an intermission, which allowed children to get up and walk if they needed.
While the show was geared towards Diego fans, kids of all ages would enjoy the costumes, the songs and would certainly be entertained by the story told. What a great way to spend an afternoon with family.
I would recommend this show for boys and girls who love Diego.

-- Jennifer Lucarelli

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