Monday, April 7, 2008

Cheer on the Sox Contest!

The Red Sox started the afternoon celebrating its second World Championship in 5 years. The team ended the afternoon with a 5-0 win over the Detroit Tigers.
To celebrate the start of the baseball season, Bay State Parent magazine has rounded up 8 products in honor of the 2008 season to giveaway to readers.
The first product is Fisher Price's ESPN Better Batter Baseball Trainer for preschoolers through first graders.
In my opinion, it is the best product on the market for this age group to learn how to hit a ball. It is a great toy for both girls and boys. I love the tee-free design, which helps little ones keep their eye where it should be when they're learning to bat - on the ball and not the tee. By tapping the plate the arm reloads the ball. I also love that the height is adjustable, so it grows with your child. It also means it can be moved to fit multiple siblings.

To enter the contest, fill out the survey at
Please pull down to select this product when entering
One winner will be announced by May 1 and the name will be posted on this blog.

Winning product will not be mailed and must be picked up at the magazine's main office on Elm Street in Millbury. (The art department opened the box for a Bay State Parent photo shoot.)

Stay tuned to this blog for the next Red Sox-themed product giveaway announcement.

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